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Christians Should be Capitalists

Table of Contents

  1. Theory and Practice
  2. Why Then Capitalism?
  3. Commentary

An exercise in economic debate.

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Morals and Copyrights

Table of Contents

  1. Background for this article
  2. Moral Background
  3. Interpreting the Constitution
  4. Intentions of Copyrights
  5. Society by Said Interpretation
  6. From the Wicked Depths of Capitalism
  7. Creativity Might Be a Joke
  8. Privilege, not Right
  9. Utopia
  10. Conclusion

Appendix: Letter of Thomas Jefferson to Isaac McPherson

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Mint Lockup

Currently, I’m having an issue with Linux Mint: it locks up on me randomly. But like every person with a computer problem, my problem isn’t exactly like those experienced by anyone else. It’s like this guy:
but the solution maybe found here:

Basically, the desktop GUI locks up. The mouse still works. I can select different things. I typically have 3 new desktops open when it happens but not always. The programs I had open keep working but not the ones I just recently opened. I happen to be running the OS off an external hard drive, but I doubt that’s the issue. The forum above (with the supposed solution) says its the Gnome desktop, the GUI environment control. Makes sense. If I find the solution, I’ll post it here.

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Licking Mints…

This is my first post on this blog using a Linux-based operating system. Currently, I’m running Linux Mint, supposedly the 4th most-used operating system in the world. I used to not think anyone but geeks used Linux OSes, but this package of software is pretty nice. I’m hoping to call this distro “home”. That’s in stark contrast to my comments about it not much more than a year earlier: “Oh isn’t that a cute OS. I’ll never install that thing on my PC”. It’s also in stark contrast to my optimism in trying a “truly” free software distro, Dynebolic. Allow me to compare experiences…

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