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Future Tech is Pandora’s New Box

According to Greek myth, Pandora was given a box by the gods that was full of evil. But Pandora was curious and, in order to satisfy that natural curiosity, opened the box. The literal story may not be a historical event, but it is an analogy for much of human technology. With every new piece of science and technology, we behold at the same time a treasure chest and a Pandora’s box. Both are opened simultaneously. The question we need to ask ourselves is not whether what is inside the treasure chest outweighs the disadvantages of opening the Pandora’s box; the question we need to ask is whether we can bear to live with what is inside that Pandora’s box.

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Bee Mite Die

Apis melliferaApis cerana

There has been a growing problem with honey bees dying off. The primary source of the problem isn’t pesticides as some might think (though that is a problem since it can apparently mess with hormones and make the bee lose its sense of direction), but a type of mite known as Varroa (also called “Vorroa” or “Varroa destructor”). The Irish Times reports: “the mites, in combination with other viruses, have killed off up to 30 per cent of Europe‚Äôs bees, and a whopping 85 per cent of Middle Eastern bee.” American bee keepers haven’t escaped either; an estimated third of American bees have been lost to the mite.

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Mint Lockup

Currently, I’m having an issue with Linux Mint: it locks up on me randomly. But like every person with a computer problem, my problem isn’t exactly like those experienced by anyone else. It’s like this guy:
but the solution maybe found here:

Basically, the desktop GUI locks up. The mouse still works. I can select different things. I typically have 3 new desktops open when it happens but not always. The programs I had open keep working but not the ones I just recently opened. I happen to be running the OS off an external hard drive, but I doubt that’s the issue. The forum above (with the supposed solution) says its the Gnome desktop, the GUI environment control. Makes sense. If I find the solution, I’ll post it here.