The Heart of Political Division – Part 1

Late last year, the Linux Project decided to adopt a “Code of Conduct” document that has been highly controversial from the get-go. I wanted to write about it then, but I think I’m in a better frame of mind to write about the more general issue now – something more applicable to my readers than a simple rant. 🙂

The source of the issue is quite deeply embedded in people’s minds and thus remains hidden or unaccounted for. Most of the time, people are arguing about the surface: security vs privacy, socialism vs capitalism, “green” vs economic, “tolerance” vs intolerance. And while these issues have become sensitive, they are only sensitive in the fact that people have come to believe strongly in these opinions and see them as an identity. However, I would contest these things are not identities at all but are instead masking the underlying perspectives that have and are shaping these identities.

The truth is, there is no true “conservative” nor “liberal”, but a diverse set of opinions that have become globed into two categories. Neither category fully represents their constituency, but the “liberal” side is hurting its members the most.

In a series of articles, I’d like to break that down. Let’s start with the basics.

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