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FOSS Games: Why They Should Exist, Don’t, and What To Do

Table of Contents

  • Synthesis of Webber’s blog post
  • Reason’s FOSS games aren’t completed
  • How FOSS games should be created

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Licking Mints…

This is my first post on this blog using a Linux-based operating system. Currently, I’m running Linux Mint, supposedly the 4th most-used operating system in the world. I used to not think anyone but geeks used Linux OSes, but this package of software is pretty nice. I’m hoping to call this distro “home”. That’s in stark contrast to my comments about it not much more than a year earlier: “Oh isn’t that a cute OS. I’ll never install that thing on my PC”. It’s also in stark contrast to my optimism in trying a “truly” free software distro, Dynebolic. Allow me to compare experiences…

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