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Lego Batman and the Social Band-aids

Likely to be Part 1: The Family

I had originally written some huge articles but decided to synthesize my points and spare you the long rambling. You can thank me later. However, it does perhaps lose some eloquence… or congruity, so if you’re wondering why this article is so brief and seemingly disconnected, you at least now have a reason.

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OCRemix Profiles: William Harby “Will Rock”

Will Harby is obsessed with making music, and he’s got quite a reputation for it – a sort of mini fame he’s proud to have. Aside from OCRemix, his music is also on Youtube (duh), Soundcloud, and Myspace. In more recent news, he’s been made an official “judge” on OCRemix – which means he’s one of the guys who will be deciding on whether your submissions pass.

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