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Selfishness: The Source of the World’s Problems

It may be amazing, but it’s quite true that millions of problems can come about from one simple problem. But rather than give an abstract explanation as is my usual custom, let’s go into a ton of examples. (Get ready for a really, really long article.)

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Pigeon-holed in Employment Applications

Dilbert was a pretty lucky guy – he at least had a job to hate. Sometimes the most difficult part of looking for work – even temporary work – is getting past the choking questions at the door. It goes to show how many bigoted “human resource” people there are.

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The Purpose of Websites is Being Lost

Background for this post

I was reading recently on the kissmetrics blog about unforgettable website designs (where a couple of my links came from). If this were the only place I’d looked, obviously my statistics would be quite flawed – but it’s not – I’m just too lazy to post other links (and you might find examples in your internet adventures). Anyways, out of the 10 random sites the blogger chose, most were either for 1) content stuck right in your face or 2) ooo fancy. I looked at the sites too. I must say, some of them really are unforgettable. In fact, navigating them is so unforgettable that I intend to never visit those sites again. How’s that for a business remark.

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