Shimeji and Your Friendly Desktop Characters


It probably doesn’t cross people’s minds to have some strange character sitting (or even moving) on their computer desktop. You don’t need it. It’s purely for entertainment. If you ever want it though, it’s hard to find.

The idea of desktop characters is a cute one. Naturally, then the Japanese must have this. They call them “shimeji” (though if you try to look up that word, you will find it refers to mushrooms).

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Installing Gitless from source code

Git receives a lot of flack for having a poorly created UI on top of a technological monster. Underneath the hood, it may be a beast of an engine, but the user gets to use a 5-in-1 for its keys. Gitless is a convenient hood, but there’s only one catch: all the binaries you can download are 64-bit which means… compiling from source for those of us running 32-bit Linux operating systems.

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Circus of Ethics – Concerning Animal Treatment

This topic deserves a far longer and more thorough post than what I’m going to make today, but in this case, I’d like to comment more on the supporting perspective of ethical animal treatment – especially in the future – than rehash the news. This will be a long post.

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Japanese Vertical Text … in Libre Office

While I don’t particularly have a preference for how words are written, I thought it would be nice to write Japanese vertically, for the sake of feeling authentic if nothing else. The real trick is actually finding an editor that supports vertical text, but it turns out LibreOffice allows it.

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Tweaking Fractals Example – “Three Styles”

Sometimes it’s nice to see how a fractal is tweaked from start to finish. Below is an example of one of my own fractals that started with a simple idea, looked like junk at one point, and with some tweaking came out really nice. How do you tweak a fractal? That deserves a full length feature (which I may do later), but the gist of it is knowing balance. Fractal flames are created with points that are sent from variation to variation to be modified. The best-looking fractals are those that perform a balancing act: sending points to the places they are mots needed while still supporting the finer details of the fractal. Remember: even invisible transforms receive points and it is important that they are provided them depending on what role they perform (usually some intermediate transform). The balancing is all done by the Xaos (notably: JWildfire 1 labeled these as “Rel. Weights”, which is more descriptive but not common terminology).

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Language Processing for Humans with Relation to Programming Languages

Every man has his own language. He should speak it. Programming is similar. If you don’t have a language you like, keep looking. Something out there will have most of what you want out of a language, and maybe one day, someone will invent a similar one that has even more of what you want. But please don’t believe all programming has to be like C.

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The Best Ideas Come Later

Life is kind of funny. If you stick around, sometimes you get to see it’s little bonuses. I recall staying late at a fireworks show once and seeing the grand finale, followed alittle later by some extras. Movies are supposed to have a climax at least three-quarters of the way in if not later. Dessert comes after dinner. On that note, the same can be said with ideas.

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Red White and Silicon Valley – Notes on the 2016 Presidential Election

Everyone gets to have their say in politics, so here’s mine. Ready or not… oh, I guess you could just click some other more interesting link, but why do that when you could read the opinions of some random internet stranger?

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Dreams out of Gas: Remembering Aptera


Going through Popular Science magazines, I rediscovered an article about one of those dream cars: the 300mpg Aptera 2e. Of course, like many scientific ideas, it remained a dream…

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Early Chirp on the Light Fairytale

Enjoy drudging through retro games? What if they have excellent modern 3D graphics? That’s the proclaimed intention of Light Fairytale, a new Japanese-styled RPG.

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