This is a table of contents of all of the posts/articles on this blog for your convenience. The posts are organized by date of publishing from first to last.


  1.  Start/Initialize/Begin
  2. The .hack Franchise
  3. Minecraft to Lego
  5. Ion Cannon part 2 – Digital Rights
  6. past gaming experience
  7. 1890s, early 1900s vs now
  8. Justice for the Affluent and Segregationalist
  9. The Future is More Magical
  10. FSF, is it not really Free Enough?
  11. Milestone #1
  12. TRI 2 – It Takes a Thief
  13. The New American Dream
  14. Google has always said you’re data
  15. Background and header
  16. Win 8 vs 32
  17. A Simple Analysis of Narcissu / Narcissus
  18. Licking Mints…
  19. MST3K – Japs in Suits
  20. The Future of Social Networking
  21. Philosophical Criticisms: Alex Rosenberg: Atheist Guide to Reality
  22. Rock Solid Source of “Joules”
  23. Nightmare and Serenity: Brief Analysis of Touhou
  24. Mint Lockup
  25. NASA to sell what you paid for
  26. Ah! The fragrance of spam
  27. Avoiding the Issue = Making Progress in the Software World
  28. OCRemix Profiles: Joshua Morse
  29. The Last Exiles – or – Ignite the Gunpowder with Antifreeze Please
  30. Clojure in a Closure – A New IDE for yet another Scripting Language
  31. Argh! Ruby!
  32. Beegie Adair – “The Way You Look Tonight”
  33. Bee Mite Die
  34. Smooth Jazz Section: Jukin’ ‘Round
  35. Mach > X – The flight industry in the hypersonic range
  36. Bee-mages: Bad Quality Bee Photos
  37. The Game’s on at Newgrounds
  38. Scripting Code: It’s not as hard as it looks
  39. How to Change the Interior of Your Webpage
  40. FSF Downplays Valve
  41. .hack//Quantum – Not As Bad As It Looks
  42. OC Remix Profiles: AP Matthews – “Analoq”
  43. IBM meet Verbiage
  44. Japanese Learning Resources
  45. Clannad – The Past Path – Review
  46. Proper Concept of Buying
  47. FOSS Games: Why They Should Exist, Don’t, and What To Do
  48. Advice on The Correct Way to Build
  49. Half a Cyber Horror: Serial Experiments Lain
  50. Digital Artistic Spotlight: Incendia
  51. My website is up!
  52. No Red Wing Haibane Renmei
  53. OCRemix Profiles: William Harby “Willrock”
  54. Future Tech is Pandora’s New Box
  55. Web-design: How they make it look professional
  56. Tomorrow is not Here
  57. Transcendent Mind: The New Spiritualism
  58. Sword Art Online – Dodge Ram Engine
  59. The Purpose of Websites is Being Lost
  60. NaNoWriMo First Try
  61. Fractal Spotlight: JWildfire
  62. Stop Calling it a “Theory”!
  64. Madoka Magica – (Not so) Dark Moe
  65. You take too much for granted
  66. Sword Art Online – Alfheim – The Long Resolution
  67. Kokoro Connect – Deus To Spice Things Up
  68. Milestones: Over 2000 – Blog Recap
  69. Copyright and Left – How Everyone Sees It
  70. New Philosophy blog
  71. 1000 Views on a Post
  72. Spam Spotlight – National Career Fairs
  73. Ripple Credit – Pros, Cons, and Swimming with the Sharks
  74. irrlicht – extensions
  75. Change Album Art for VLC
  76. The Legend of Sylys
  77. Match Word resource blog – Giving you the idea rather than the translation
  78. IT Gametime (comic)
  79. 3000 Views!
  80. Happy Birthday Blog!
  81. Flicks – For Phony Fractals – Gradient Testing
  82. Secret Thoughts of a Web Designer
  83. Separating Your Work and Private Website
  84. Simple Graph 2D now in IrrExt
  85. How Hard is it to Think Positively
  86. Webling – Stretching the Cookie Cutter in Site Design
  87. ALOT of Cubes in irrlicht
  88. On Fantasy in Modern Language
  89. Morals and Copyrights
  90. Blast from the Past – LEGO website in 1996
  91. Analysis of Music in General
  92. View count 4000!!!!
  93. What is and isn’t Art
  94. Musings on Professionalism
  95. 4500 Already?
  96. Blog milestones – Google page ranking
  97. Being Creepy on the Internet
  98. View Count 5000!!
  99. Parashi- Tales Unknown
  100. Into the Triple Digits
  101. Men and Valuing Themselves
  102. Manually Installing Rikaichan on Firefox
  103. Irrlicht on PS4 and Successful Game Characters
  104. Software Embarrassment #1 – It’s a Paint Job
  105. Converting psd CMKY to RGB
  106. ChronologicalDot Site B is ONLINE
  107. More Tainting of the Cross – Assassin’s Creed
  108. Perfect Search Engine Optimization
  109. 75 Views in a Day!
  110. Chrod Style Fractal Manipulation
  111. Fixing My Broken Internet… With Tor?!!
  112. Electronic Signatures Are NOT Real Ones
  113. UltraGUI – Window Management for Irrlicht
  114. OCRemix Album Review – Eevee (Pokemon)
  115. Memories: Ruby Red Squirt
  116. Christians Should Be Capitalists
  117. Poverty Is Not Such a Bad Thing
  118. Why I am Chronological Dot
  119. My First Fractal Program
  120. Mega Milestone – 10000!!!
  121. Is PaintToolSAI Worth the Money?
  122. Fractal Spotlight: the artist Xzendor7
  123. JCStaff’s Railgun for Dryland
  124. Understanding How Fractal Transforms Are Processed
  125. Metasequoia 4 Brief Review
  126. A Sign Carved in the Grave
  127. Setting up JWildfire as a Project in NetBeans
  128. OCRemixer Profiles: Nutritious (Justin Medford)
  129. Chaotica vs JWildfire Rendering
  130. A Trip to SNowmans Land – Galilei Donna Review
  131. Miss Monochrome – The Best Quick Laugh in Anime
  132. Little Busters Highschool Drama Club
  133. Getting back into my blog
  134. Japanese They Don’t Teach in Class
  135. JWildfire-Povray Exporter Published!
  136. Happy 2nd Birthday, Blog!
  137. And the Key to Good IFS Design is Borders
  138. Pursuing What I Enjoy – Why I haven’t been writing
  139. Log Horizon – The Top Notch MMO Anime
  140. English Simplified
  141. How Julia transforms work
  142. Installing Linux on a Bootloader-less Windows PC
  143. On Viewing People
  144. Getting a Slice of the Internet
  145. Image Relocation
  146. “Right” is not the right idea
  147. Privacy as a Personal Requirement
  148. 20,000 VIEWS
  149. Revealing Kagerou – A Review of a Trippy [Anime] Tale
  150. IFS Spacial Transformations – Linear and the Mobius Set
  151. 3D Mesh Fractals – MetalIFS
  152. Autumn’s Journey – an Indie Visual Novel Adventure
  153. Ripping 3D Models from Websites
  154. Restoring the Menu Panel on Linux Mint Cinnamon
  155. Creating Projects with Irrlicht and Premake
  156. Networks of Invisible Men
  157. Genome Slicing Could Slice Society
  158. Protecting Language
  159. Musings on Zero
  160. Is Krita better than Gimp?
  161. The Corporate Plot of TPP
  162. C++ Benchmark: Switch Cases
  163. Tears of Avia ~ The Dawning of a Great Indie JRPG
  164. Even Websites want to Hide
  165. The Robin Hood of Academia
  166. Shooing the Fox under the Pale Moon
  167. Restoring the File Explorer Appearance on Linux Mint (no more ’98 look)
  168. Please Stop Emphasizing Diversity in STEM
  169. Pulling Out of a Rut, 2016
  170. Critiquing the Wind Rises
  171. Early Chirp on the Light Fairytale
  172. Dreams out of Gas: Remembering Aptera
  173. Red White and Silicon Valley – Notes on the 2016 Presidential Election
  174. The Best Ideas Come Later
  175. Language Processing for Humans with Relation to Programming Languages
  176. Tweaking Fractals Example – “Three Styles”
  177. Japanese Vertical Text .. in LibreOffice
  178. Circus of Ethics – Concerning Animal Treatment
  179. Installing Gitless from source code
  180. Shimeji and Your Friendly Desktop Characters
  181. Homemade Cellphone Satellites
  182. According to the Label…
  183. Programming meme homework
  184. Wild Wild Web – Berners-Lee and Poli-Ad Regulation
  185. How I Can Steal Your Pics – a.k.a. Some hacking for the non-tech-savvy
  186. Ingredients for Humor
  187. Passion, Present Times, and 2017’s 1.4
  188. 君の名は Review
  189. Yonder comes a new game!
  190. Happy 6th Anniversary (for me on WP)
  191. In Defense of the Standard Definitions of Words
  192. Lego Batman and the Social Band-aids
  193. Artcore and the New East Asian Beats
  194. The Modern European God
  195. Thanksgiving is here… er, was here
  196. Liturgical New Years
  197. ClipStudio Paint vs Krita
  198. National Symptoms, Invisible Causes
  199. Blog Changes 2018
  200. Space Launch Day 1
  201. This Blog Just Became Even More Uninteresting
  202. Animation Production in 3D – Part 1
  203. Animation Production in 3D – Part 2
  204. Pigeon-holed in Employment Applications
  205. ‘Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas
  206. The Psychological Origins of Fantasy
  207. Selfishness: The Source of the World’s Problems
  208. Doing the Opposite of Our Intentions
  209. Personal Miracles
  210. Faster Fractal Flame Rendering
  211. The Heart of Political Division – Part 1
  212. The Heart of Political Division – Part 2
  213. The Heart of Political Division – Part 3
  214. The Heart of Political Division – Part 4
  215. The Heart of Political Division – Part 5
  216. The Heart of Political Division – Part 6
  217. The Heart of Political Division – Part 7
  218. The Heart of Political Division – Part 8
  219. Notre Dame and the Fall of the Spire
  220. Regarding the Funny Thing of Anthropomorphizing
  221. Introducing FLAT STUDIO
  222. Neuroscience, Sandberg, and the Illusion of A Better Society Through Tech
  223. Argument For A Universal Reference Frame From Newtonian Physics
  224. On the Definition and Usage of Words
  225. A Beautiful Journey – thatgamecompany and the Aesthetics of Mysticism
  226. Happy 8th Anniversary on WordPress
  227. “In God We Trust” – Reflections on Tiananmen Square
  228. Effective Teaching
  229. The Most Anticipated Interview of 2019 Has Arrived: Peterson – Barron
  230. Making Their Words Your Own
  231. The Benefits of a Separate Page
  232. Lego Batman and the Offer of Satan
  233. Enemies and the Dark Side of the Lego Batman Movie
  234. The Line for Government
  235. Costless Creativity
  236. Sky: Children of the Light Review
  237. Worthwhile Internet Writing
  238. James M Tour, Rice Professor: The Origin of Life has not been explained
  239. All That Remains review
  240. More to Say
  241. Spirit of the Rain – Weathering With You Review
  242. Common Beliefs due to False Advertising
  243. Niconico Douga and how Japan’s Phenoms are born
  244. I hate “updates”
  245. A World Full of Walls

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