‘Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before the night
of a certain Christmas day
That I wrote on my blog
in an unusual way

The ground outside my house
was as dry as stale bread
but I knew it was time
to soon jump into bed

For St Nick was coming
the night following tonight
and if I slept in tomorrow
I’d soon be in a fright

For this silly person
hadn’t yet wrapped his gifts
For the clawing and pawing
of his relatives’ fists

But fear not my readers,
For all is not lost
When packing last minute
This guy is the boss!

And you’ll hear him exclaim
When he finishes tomorrow night
Absolutely nothing
‘Cause it’ll be daylight


Thanksgiving is Here… er, was here

Ever see a post published after the event date? I’ve done that a number of times… to the point where it’s not entirely unusual for me. I don’t recall having done it specifically on this blog, but I probably have.

In any case, I had a Thanksgiving post written that I wanted to share, but I was too busy enjoying my Thanksgiving to post it. Hahaha! That said, it’s not bad to reflect on the season and remember it for next year. Besides, I wanted to give you my audience some seasons blessings.

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