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Liturgical New Years

Happy New Years, everyone! Tis the year my seasonal articles seem all out of order, but at least there’s some rhyme and reason to it. Today is the beginning of Advent, the time of waiting. In the Catholic Church, it … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is Here… er, was here

Ever see a post published after the event date? I’ve done that a number of times… to the point where it’s not entirely unusual for me. I don’t recall having done it specifically on this blog, but I probably have. … Continue reading

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October 2017 – In Love with Life

As I move forward in my relationship with God, I find myself more in love with life. I don’t mean daily living; I mean human life, animal life, and plant life – the actual state of being alive. For a … Continue reading

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The Modern European God

Not too long ago, medical and European ethics entered the global spotlight when a boy named Charlie was denied experimental treatment that had a possible chance to cure him. Since the boy was too little to decide for himself, the … Continue reading

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ArtCore and the New East Asian Beats

Every now and then, you stumble on something amazing. I like hearing ethereal, epic, Japanese-sounding music, so while checking out some recommendations on Youtube, I learned about an awesome “new” genre of music made possible by a collage of global … Continue reading

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Lego Batman and the Social Band-aids

Likely to be Part 1: The Family I had originally written some huge articles but decided to synthesize my points and spare you the long rambling. You can thank me later. However, it does perhaps lose some eloquence… or congruity, … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Standard Definitions of Words

Some time ago, I wrote an article about language processing for humans in relation to programming languages. While accurate, I do find it obligatory to write a response to my own article.

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Happy 6th Anniversary (for me on WP)

WordPress notified me today that I had registered 6 years ago with them. Wow. It’s been a long time. 83,413 views (some of them my own, lol), 64,678 visitors (many times me, haha),  102 followers, and 186 (er, 187) posts … Continue reading

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Yonder comes a new game!

Yonder is a new game. I like to help indie devs, so today I thought I’d call out and comment on a new game set to hit the PS4 and Windows markets this July. Called “Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles”, … Continue reading

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君の名は Review

It’s time for a light-hearted article on this blog! I went to go see Your Name in a theatre. I didn’t know you had such an interesting name. You may bow at any time – Japanese style, of course – … Continue reading

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