Personal Miracles

There’s a church west of where I live (I won’t say how far) where I’m told several people have left their canes after being healed. Online, I’ve seen pictures of the so-called “incorruptible Saints”. Off and on, it would come to my mind to want to visit those places to satisfy the skeptic in me. Even if I went, however, these things would probably seem more bizarre than convincing. For any sort of miracle to be convincing, it needs to be personal.

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Doing the Opposite of Our Intentions

Why do people say “bad” is “good”? If you ever hang out with some dudes, and they’re talking about awesome stuff they did, sometimes, you’ll heart them call it “bad”. From a dictionary perspective, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But they use it for the same reason people apply cuss words in places where it makes absolutely no sense to do so: to be evocative. They want to trigger strong emotions in people, and saying something is “good” doesn’t have that exclusivity that comes with being a “rebel”. This is very ironic because being good is more rebellious than being evil – the entire world teaches you to be evil, and thus it’s defiance to say “no”.

Evoking certain emotions may be understandable, but why the inverse of the actual goal? This makes no sense. And yet, people are constantly doing the opposite of what they should already know will accomplish their goals.

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The Psychological Origins of Fantasy

Let’s begin by defining the word “fantasy” since obviously there are many usages of it these days and while all of them may have a similar thread, I think you’ll agree the word itself conjures up a particular idea. Fantasy refers to a dream world, an imaginary universe in which various things – from physics to personal relationships, from creatures to economies – are all set to the liking or interest of the dreamer. In many people’s minds, fantasy worlds often placed in a Medieval setting, have dragons and great treasures to be found, and physics is sometimes influenced or dictated by unexplanably simple mechanics called “magic”. Not all fantasy worlds are limited to this realm. Some take place in outerspace, some in the future, and some in a galaxy far, far away. In every case, all of them differ significantly from current human history (even if they “take place” in the real world at a certain historic time, such as yesterday).

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‘Twas The Night Before The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before the night
of a certain Christmas day
That I wrote on my blog
in an unusual way

The ground outside my house
was as dry as stale bread
but I knew it was time
to soon jump into bed

For St Nick was coming
the night following tonight
and if I slept in tomorrow
I’d soon be in a fright

For this silly person
hadn’t yet wrapped his gifts
For the clawing and pawing
of his relatives’ fists

But fear not my readers,
For all is not lost
When packing last minute
This guy is the boss!

And you’ll hear him exclaim
When he finishes tomorrow night
Absolutely nothing
‘Cause it’ll be daylight

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Animation Production in 3D – Part 1

Despite everything I said in my previous post, I am now going to write on a topic that would be of interest to people in Japan, and even more ironic, I’m going to type in on the computer because it’s one of those topics I can ramble on without being too picky about my words. See how that works? Alrighty, let’s get started.

The topic of today: The current and future technology that will be powering the production of animation as well as it’s effects on the overall quality of the said product. Since I am a technical kind of guy and this is my line of work, I’ll be giving you some fascinating insider details. (Hint, hint, that means a long blog post.)

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Space Launch Day 1

Toon-style Satellite rendering

It’s been a long and busy day for me. I woke up a couple hours before the crack of dawn so I could watch the launching of the Space X CRS-15 mission live. It was pretty cool. You can watch Space X launches live on their website on the webcast page. The Dragon capsule sent to space on top of the Falcon 9 is set to rendezvous with the International Space Station Monday morning at 5:30 ETC (eastern time). You can watch the berthing of the Dragon streaming on NASA TV come Monday morning.

Before the sun came up, you could see the ISS fly overhead from where I was at. It was a cool moment. There was also some other glowing orange object. At first, I thought it might have been first or second stage falling back to earth given how bright it was in the sky (even penetrating the clouds where I was at)… except that it seemed to be in the wrong location in the sky and it wasn’t moving.

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