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Comment Policy

Askimet will block out any spam I get, so if you try to post any links to suspicious websites, I get to laugh at your feeble attempts for publicity. Muhahaha. Ahem.

For other people, I more than welcome comments. Be reasonable, please. I’ll delete any argumentative responses that don’t look like much thought was put into them (like “This is stupid”).

General Copying Policy

There’s a large concern about copying items on the internet. As I discuss in an article, there are those who see information shared on the internet as being made available for sharing. Some of you see that as a “duh” statement, but other people are very picky and hold fast to the “look but don’t touch” policy. I, for one, am under the assumption that most people from whom I take content are of the former opinion – they put it on the internet fully knowing people would copy it.

Image policy – In order to give the artists control over their artwork without everyone flooding them with emails about permission to use artwork, I find it easiest to hotlink, much to the dismay of some host providers. That way, the artist merely has to remove their artwork from the original location where they posted it in order for it to be removed. Where this cannot be done (but I post imagery anyway), I’m open to polite requests for taking down the imagery. Now, I go and ask permission unless I think it’s unobtainable for whatever reason (e.g. when I don’t know the source).

I try my best to find the original artist. For quality assurance purposes, I will not reveal what techniques I use for identifying them. Images whose source I am skeptical of will either not be posted or be posted with a notice that indicates the questionable nature of their source.

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