This blog is your typical freestyle blog, meaning I talk about whatever I feel like. Some topics you’ll hear me talk about include:

  • Science and Technology – I’m a geek who keeps up with tech news, not just related to computers (though I will definitely write about computer tech). Expect to see articles on physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics (yes, cars), etcetera, as well as the ethical issues and popular opinion on these things.
  • Humanity – Politics, ethics, religion, morals, psychology, history, and other issues related to humanity, including global warming and space lifeboats.
  • Philosophy – This is my strongest field. Expect to see several blog posts touching on the matter. I’m not going to lay a foundation for my philosophical arguments in this blog. If you want that, you will have to read my philosophy blog on blogger (I’m also more polite there) or, better and more recent, my philosophy blog on WordPress.
  • Hobbies – Not this blog, though I will comment on them. See my non-dead hobby blog for details on hobbies and projects, whether they be mine or someone else’s. Both blogs may also discuss art.
  • Japanese-related – Reading, writing, kanji, anime, manga, visual novels, news, and a variety of other things about or from Japan will be commented on or written about in this blog.
  • Media and entertainment – Movie, TV show, and music reviews.
  • Random – Anything else I care to comment on.


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Enter the space and time of my little world... Welcome Earthling.

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