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Happy 8th Anniversary on WordPress

WordPress has informed me that today (June 3, but for me June 2) marks the 8th year since I joined WordPress. Like any good anniversary post, I get to fill this one with thanks for my viewers and a bunch of pointless statistics. Let’s get started!


Big bold letters to say I’m pleased someone found this jarbled, consolidated gravitational static worth reading. Thanks to all 129. Some of you just wanted me to read your motivational blogs and blogs about how to write blogs, and some of you probably forgot you followed me because you haven’t been on WordPress in ages, but that’s ok. Many of you are genuine readers. Imagine that! XD

Most of the readers of this blog only ever come for one post – the posts on how-to-fix-your-problem or product-comparison – the kind of stuff where people only want the one post. Hence, even though this blog now gets over 1000 views a month (which was quite exciting in the early days), I don’t get to spoil that many people with my hideous humor and abstract allusions. Oh how they miss out on a breath of certified, pre-owned air!


I’ve already started, but let’s make it official.

The most popular day has changed from Monday to Tuesday, 3:00PM, which is also the hour Christ died on the cross and on the day of the Rosary we remember the Sorrowful Mysteries (the passion and death of Christ). So it’s a good day. 🙂

The best views ever was still February 2 , 2014, which was a Sunday, just like today.

There have been a total of 95,437 viewers, most of them aren’t me anymore, haha. (WordPress still counts me when I view my blog, but I’m definitely less that 1%. Maybe I’m the 437 extra.)

Total number of views is 121,178. Somewhere a long time ago, I passed 100k and don’t even remember it.

A couple of posts of mine have finally reached the top spots on Google, and not just when you search for my username. On that note, my blog outranks my website. (Not fair, WordPress. You get Google priority.)

My follower with the most comments is darkdaemonpk2. Thanks for the feedback!


One thought on “Happy 8th Anniversary on WordPress

  1. Wow, I’am touched! I never thought I would be mentioned in an anniversary post (*sniff*). I still fondly remember that post where you tackled the doujin VN game which acts like a prequel to Clannad. I guess that started it all why I read your posts. Happy 8th anniversary!

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