There’s a new animation studio making its debut this month on the animation scene. Named “FLAT STUDIO“, it’s run by none other than pixiv‘s famous artist “loundraw“.

The company was launched back in January when loundraw set up a website and declared he was recruiting. And according to the look on loundraw’s twitter page, he still is. He stated the company would be very open, and although now he has a bunch of people, you might still try your luck to get in the door.

loundraw as an artist has an impressive background – or should I say, prolific. He has quite the eye for light and shadow, which makes his works – now including animation – more fascinating. Critics are already saying he may be the next Makoto Shinkai.

But before you go jumping off to start your own studio, it helps to get the train moving first. loundraw didn’t jump into this cold; his company piggybacks on the success of his senior project from college: a teaser trailer animation titled 夢が覚めるまで (“Before You Wake Up”), which he did SOLO!

Clearly, this guy knows what he’s doing.

Some excited people thought it might turn into a feature film… until they realized the impossible date given for the film’s release (9/31).


While browsing other artists, I stumbled on loundraw’s recruitment post only shortly after he’d announced it. However, like most startup companies created by exuberant wannabes, it could have been very possible for FLAT STUDIO to be a bust. The number one reason being management. loundraw stated there would be a great deal of fluidity in the company structure, which could very easily be interpreted as code word for “disorganized”. He is an artsy type, after all. 😉 Things may be different now that others are on board and roles have started settling in. The real key for success is whether or not even one successful animation can get off the ground.

The Exciting News

Just before, Easter, FLAT STUDIO finally published it’s first short film as an ad for Line Novel. (Line is a messaging app that’s super popular in Japan.)

Given that the film is a multi-person production of high quality, I’m expecting FLAT STUDIO to be around for awhile. Get ready everyone. 🙂

There are some big names involved already. The music vocals are sung by Hanazawa Wakana, who has already created quite a splash in the entertainment world.

Other Details

Like other animation studios, FLAT STUDIO isn’t going to make just animation. They’ve started with a graphic novel (which revolves around some boy taking pictures of a mysterious girl), but there will likely be other products to follow.


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