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This Blog Just Became Even More Uninteresting

On a day to day basis, an immeasurable number of thoughts cross my mind. Many of these I would like to write out and share, but I have felt inhibited for a number of reasons. Perhaps you can sympathize. (Beware – this another one of those boring, rambling posts by some guy you’ve probably never met or ever will meet.)

First, I think alot about politics and law. This is in part because I read and listen to political news, not because I always want to but because it’s surrounds my life. Moreover, my life is increasingly effected by the decisions of people thousands of miles from where I’m sitting. It’s unfortunate.

It would be nice to talk about topics unrelated to politics, but it seems everything not related is either trivial or is somehow linked to politics. Want to talk about music? That’s tied to copyrights, which is tied to politics. Want to talk about cooking? That’s related to organic foods, which is related to regulations and importing, which is determined by politics. Want to talk about skin color? Politics. Want to talk about dating? Politics. Want to talk about speed boats? Those gas-guzzling things lead to talking about environmental concerns which leads to… politics. You want a normal conversation? Talk about the things that you’re certain no one cares about. In fact, most conversations without politics fall between “What restaurant did you eat at?” and “Where did you go on vacation?”

You never really learn about people because all of the most interesting topics are connected to politics, so people end up living in fear of saying anything. I feel this way particularly with friends of mine. I’ve met with some people every week or two over the course of a couple of years, but I hardly know them. They are more akin to acquaintances than actual friends. Oh sure, people call each other by their first name and use terms like “friend” and “bud”, but they don’t feel genuine.

On top of all that, someone who spends much of his time in his head is going to have alot to say about the things that cross his mind. So, yeah, talking about things related to politics was inevitable anyways. I’ve done it before on this blog, so no surprise there.

Of course, some of you are reading this going, “What the heck is this guy talking about anyways?” I guess I’m trying to say I’m apologizing. I get irritated when blogs I enjoy reading suddenly spout unrelated political bias. For example, I enjoy particle physics, so you can imagine the absurdity of reading blog posts in succession as “CERN finds new evidence of Higgs boson”, “New Developments in String Theory”, “Trump must be impeached”.

Second, I don’t write because I make too many promises to myself about how to write. When I started this blog, I knew the only way to keep myself writing was to write anything without care. It worked. Then I started adding restrictions on what I wrote and how for reasons even my audience is likely not aware of. Then I’d make resolutions to throw away those restrictions and restart… only to find myself adding them again.

For example, I thought I’d write more in Japanese. Why? I was learning at the time, but it just inhibits my writing. (Translating an English idea to Japanese is hard.) Besides, few people in Japan would be interested in what I have to write at the current time anyways. Forget the Japanese. Maybe occasionally, I’ll write a Japanese post for fun. (Great, now your’s truly is lazy and promising to do the dishes tomorrow. Yes, I’ll still post in Japanese now and then, but I need to practice more before I go sticking my foot in my mouth, or however you say that in Japanese.)

Finally, I don’t write much because it’s difficult to articulate my ideas on a computer. You’d think typing 60 words a minute would be sufficient, but the problem is that words become cheap. When you force yourself to write with a PEN on PAPER, you have to pause and carefully think about what you want to say. Writing with pen on paper is also more beneficial on my eyes (no need to look at artificial light). Notebooks are cheap, so there’s another good reason to opt for the hard-copy of your work. (Also giving my lazy self the excuse of being too lazy to transcribe, as if I needed another reason to not post here.)

That said, you can expect a couple of things from me (hahaha… maybe), just based on my writing style: More thoughts on politics (inevitable) and long blog posts. I’ll try to remember to give you, my readers, a heads up on posts. I know some of you are rather busy and don’t have time for reading long blog posts. I understand. But you’re reading a guy who has more thoughts in a day than you probably take steps in a year… (um, unless I have joggers in my audience…)

You can file this next some blogger’s post titled I Grilled Steak on top of a Chimney in The Book of Unnecessary Confessions, subtitled as A Backup Copy of Twitter.

On the bright side, my sense of humor has returned to this blog. XD


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