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Space Launch Day 1

Toon-style Satellite rendering

It’s been a long and busy day for me. I woke up a couple hours before the crack of dawn so I could watch the launching of the Space X CRS-15 mission live. It was pretty cool. You can watch Space X launches live on their website on the webcast page. The Dragon capsule sent to space on top of the Falcon 9 is set to rendezvous with the International Space Station Monday morning at 5:30 ETC (eastern time). You can watch the berthing of the Dragon streaming on NASA TV come Monday morning.

Before the sun came up, you could see the ISS fly overhead from where I was at. It was a cool moment. There was also some other glowing orange object. At first, I thought it might have been first or second stage falling back to earth given how bright it was in the sky (even penetrating the clouds where I was at)… except that it seemed to be in the wrong location in the sky and it wasn’t moving.

Today, I’m happy to finally launch an animation short I’d been working on for JA Music Studio. Actually, it was already on Youtube, but I’ve just now put it on my website.

Second, I’m currently working on space animation. I have already finished making some of the models. One of them is in the image at the top of this article. The other details will be kept secret for now. Time for some Japanese.

今日は長く忙しかった。私はSpaceXのCRS-15のミッションのロケットのランチの生放送を見たかったから、今朝、夜明け1、2時間前に起きた。そのイベントは素敵だったと思った。SpaceXのウェブサイトのウェブキャストのページでSpaceXのロケットのランチの生放送が見られる。Falcon9で運ばせられて宇宙空間に送らせたDragonというカプセルは国際宇宙ステーションと月曜日7時半で出会う。その出会いは月曜日でNASA TVで見られる。


今日、私が作った短いアニメを発表して嬉しい。そのアニメはJA Music Studioのために作った。実はもうYoutubeにあるけど、今日、私は私のウェブサイト掲載した。


(Ironically, WordPress incorrectly labels this blogpost as having been written on the 30th of June. Today is the 29th, but I suspect WordPress is managed in Europe, which explains why the statistics per day are always off (as in, offset).)

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