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Blog Changes 2018

It’s about that time again, everyone. Time for some changes! I started this blog just over 6 years ago in February. I had nothing to write about then. I just wanted a try writing a blog again after my first one felt like a flop. Now I have more to write about than I have time for, so my blog lay alone for other reasons. Now I’m adding more reasons to that, haha.

A few blog posts ago, I told myself that at post #200, I would try writing all of my new blog posts with a complementary Japanese version of their text. This is post #199 (for my official records, though WordPress says it’s 200 since I may have deleted one). Like a number of other anime quacks (pardon, “otaku”), I started studying Japanese, though my interest in the language extends beyond merely “because it’s cool and Japanese” otherwise I’d have gone back to watching the subs. Seriously. It’s not worth studying 2000 Chinese characters just to watch some TV. I’m now well-beyond the point of too much time. In fact, I’ve been studying Japanese off and on for about as long as I’ve had this blog (maybe even a couple months longer). Too bad my skills don’t reflect that. Did I say 2000 kanji? Pardon, that’s not the word count you need to know to speak it. Writing Japanese is difficult, so don’t expect my posts to come out too quickly, and it’s likely the Japanese version is always going to need some revisions, especially since it’s difficult enough just using English to clearly express the thoughts of a philosophical guy like me. Yes, even English has significant shortcomings for us native speakers.

Another change on my blog will probably be the background and header. I like outer space. It fills me with awe and wonder. But black isn’t a cheerful color, and pictures of outer space are better when they take grand center stage than when they are confined to strips on the sidebar. Finally, my 3D skills are much better than those exemplified by that cheap spacecraft I made in my teens and I’ve had on this blog header for all these years. Overall, I’d like something perhaps more lively and pleasant – less lonely. I can’t say exactly when these changes will occur, though it may be along with post 200.

My WordPress theme is also likely to change (and I’m looking into that now). I’ve enjoyed the same one for many years because of all of the sidebar widgets, but the stats suggest these aren’t being used (perhaps for lack of interesting content? XP). In any case, the new background should go along with whatever new theme I pick.

For the stat-curious, my site has this month passed the 100,000 views mark (and currently at 100, 792). This month alone, the blog had 1,900 views – 100x what I had the first month this blog started. Of course, most people have come for the same 5 or 6 articles, but at least I’ve given the world something useful among all this blabbering of mine.

For those curious on the direction of this blog, I do expect to talk more about animation and entertainment. No, it’s not going to be some boring regurgitation of some other news source. There are plenty of other blogs for that, and I don’t have time for that stuff. I made a comparative review of ClipStudio Paint and Krita a couple posts ago and announced I was in the animation business. How funny. Seriously? I can’t be serious about that, right? After all, thousands of other people dream about that job. Well, to be precise, to be in the business, you have to make something. I’ve made short animations before, and while I doubt I could ever make a living at being a traditional animator, that doesn’t mean there aren’t little areas of the market I can sneak into. Moreover, it doesn’t at all prevent me from talking about it, and as you well know, I love to talk about stuff I think I know (XD) and even stuff that I don’t! XD Since this blog is still a freestyle blog, the other articles are going to stick around, and there will always be new stuff to talk about. Now and then, hopefully, I can get some fractal flames rendered and have some dazzling eye candy to show you.

If you’re looking forward to more software stuff, I’m starting fresh again on another blog, Magic Snippet. Or, if you’re looking for posts specifically about a programming language I’ve been developing, that stuff is on a much longer-running blog, the official Copper interpreted programming language blog.

And if you’re looking for specifically philosophical stuff, yes, that too is now moving to another blog, Trails of Reason, where I feel like I’ve given myself more liberties than I did with my encyclopedic-style blog, Diaries of a Mad Genius.

I start alot of blogs, don’t I?

Anyways… Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope I haven’t bored you too much! Don’t worry – the terrible humor isn’t going anywhere. XD


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