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Happy 6th Anniversary (for me on WP)

WordPress notified me today that I had registered 6 years ago with them. Wow. It’s been a long time. 83,413 views (some of them my own, lol), 64,678 visitors (many times me, haha),  102 followers, and 186 (er, 187) posts later… I still find the stats both interesting and sort of creepy. In some ways, I’d rather not see them. Having a private spot on the internet sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s easier to ramble when you don’t have an awareness of your audience. Ah well. So what’s happened in this blog world of mine?

First, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on my other blogs. I tend to create more of them. I still recall that I used to write on a blog supposedly dedicated to hobbies, but that was a bad idea because I didn’t have much to write about for my hobbies. Starting a blog was such a difficult thing that my first post for this blog was really short. Now I’ve reached a point where recently one of my viewers asked me to keep my posts shorter so they were easier to read. What a switch in writing.

Most of my writing has been about my programming language, Copper, which, after a long arduous year (cue drama and drums), I finally published on Github! It’s the first time I’ve published some full-scale project online… The rest I keep stashed on my hard-drive. The project gave me a chance to write about something I knew really well and keep it all on a single topic. Even with the project published, there is still plenty more articles I’ll be posting on that subject. I actually created several posts in advance, thinking I was going to post them in a timely manner. Nope. Silly me.

Being that I’ve learned a great deal about programming over the years, I decided it was time to create… yes… another blog. This time, it’s a blog about random programming ideas and snippets. There are plenty of how-to blogs out there. I suppose we could use more, but I really wanted to just start posting on various random ideas that came to mind. Maybe it’ll inspire someone… or give some expert a good laugh (if he doesn’t roll his eyes first). I’ve named it according to what most newbies want to find when they go looking for answers: a magic snippet, something that will just work perfectly with whatever task you happening to be trying to accomplish. You can pop it into your code as-is, and it’ll work like a charm. The real world offers no such luck, but since we’re talking idealism, why not dream, right? What would just function correctly? The magic code snippet, of course!

Logging into WordPress is slow (at least for me), and consequently, I only want to do it when I have something I really want to say. That makes writing short snippets tedious, although it does spare my poor audience from a jarbled overload of consolidated gravitational static. Still… it would be nice to have a faster means to write posts. Somebody else thought of that and made a desktop app. From a security standpoint, I’m not sure I trust it, but I guess anyone who steals this blog just wasted alot of time… (unless they were really adamant about wrecking my reputation, but who could do that better than me? XD)

There is much in store for this blog. It still hasn’t yet reached its 200th post yet! And there’s no reason to stop even when I get there. Stay tuned. More fun and dialogue ahead!


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