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Homemade Cellphone Satellites

If you look up “cell phone satellite”, what you get is a telecommunications satellite or comparisons between cell phones and satellite phones. This blog post is about neither. Instead, I’m musing on the concept of building satellites. Advertisements

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Shimeji and Your Friendly Desktop Characters

It probably doesn’t cross people’s minds to have some strange character sitting (or even moving) on their computer desktop. You don’t need it. It’s purely for entertainment. If you ever want it though, it’s hard to find. The idea of … Continue reading

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Installing Gitless from source code

Git receives a lot of flack for having a poorly created UI on top of a technological monster. Underneath the hood, it may be a beast of an engine, but the user gets to use a 5-in-1 for its keys. … Continue reading

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Circus of Ethics – Concerning Animal Treatment

This topic deserves a far longer and more thorough post than what I’m going to make today, but in this case, I’d like to comment more on the supporting perspective of ethical animal treatment – especially in the future – … Continue reading

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Japanese Vertical Text … in Libre Office

While I don’t particularly have a preference for how words are written, I thought it would be nice to write Japanese vertically, for the sake of feeling authentic if nothing else. The real trick is actually finding an editor that … Continue reading

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Tweaking Fractals Example – “Three Styles”

Sometimes it’s nice to see how a fractal is tweaked from start to finish. Below is an example of one of my own fractals that started with a simple idea, looked like junk at one point, and with some tweaking … Continue reading

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