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Early Chirp on the Light Fairytale

Enjoy drudging through retro games? What if they have excellent modern 3D graphics? That’s the proclaimed intention of Light Fairytale, a new Japanese-styled RPG.

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Critiquing the Wind Rises

Miyazaki directs a Zero. The film shoot revealed many deaths without showing one. And how many other cryptic ways of speaking about this movie can we utilize to describe this modern motion picture? A well-awarded (or nominated) documentary of many miserable failures? Yes, even that would be accurate. In this article, I briefly critique the Studio Ghibli film, The Wind Rises.

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Please Stop Emphasizing Diversity in STEM

America: Land of the free, home of student debt. We love telling people they can do anything, but then we segregate like typical bias human beings. But honestly, if the doors are wide open and we still have a “deficiency” in “diversity” in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, how much of it is actually exclusivity and how much of it is based on misunderstandings of real human beings?

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Restoring the File Explorer Appearance on Linux Mint (no more ’98 look)

If you’ve played with Linux Mint long enough, you’ll eventually become aware of a rather annoying issue when browsing files: At some seemingly random point, you may hear a sweet bell sound (no kidding) and your file browser/explorer suddenly looks ugly. i.e. Your folders have these antiquated-looking tan appearance and the nav panel looks like something out of Windows 98… (maybe not quite that bad, but you get the idea). There’s a way to get those shiny green folders back, and here’s how I did it… without restarting the OS.

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