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Is Krita better than Gimp?

The Gimp is arguably the most popular free software for non-vector digital art and image editing. (Inkscape is the best free program for vector graphics in my opinion.) Some time ago, I analyzed Paint Tool SAI, comparing it with the Gimp, and the results are in. But SAI has an unrelated, nay, a mirror image in the FOSS world trying to do what SAI does in a better way: Krita. Krita is a cross-platform open-source free software tool for digital art. In fact, I’d argue that, in light of what Krita has to offer, Gimp may be considered the best for image editing and not for art creation. But here’s a run-down comparison of the two.

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Musings on Zero

Studying math, I was often taught that 0/0 was undefined, but yet somehow alot of equations seemed to rely on it. For example, x=x could be rewritten as x/x=1, and this was true along the entire graph of x/x, except at 0. Reality, while it can be described by math, has always had an independence that makes math look silly, but always in the case where we try to describe something as real when it isn’t. Zero is going to be the joke of this article. Ready to break math?

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