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Genome Slicing Could Slice Society

My blog usually entails writing about stuff more like Gnome, but today, I can write about real genomes. Recently, the NY Times reported that scientists had found an easy way to slice and edit genes. The same scientists have also started talks in limiting usage of these techniques for fear of their consequences. There are multiple reasons for such limitations, from scientific to social, which I would like to discuss.

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Networks of Invisible Men

This evening, I started thinking about my situation on the internet (as if I could have a situation “on” the internet; there may be plenty of chairs online, but you can’t sit on any of them). My internet adventures have brought me into contact with many people and brought many more people into contact with me. On one hand, it’s somewhat unnerving to think thousands of eyes are seeing things I posted – some of which would probably be nice to go and erase. But since many people don’t go digging through internet records unless their actually trying to dig up dirt on people, it has become easier to rewrite one’s appearance on the net. On the other hand, thousands of people actually care to see what I’ve posted online. I’ve become a member of various forums and miscellaneous websites, and I have blogs several people follow. What would happen if I just “left”?

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