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Pursuing What I Enjoy – Why I haven’t been writing

starry bipolar transform fractal
“Introverted 8” by me

You may have been wondering why I haven’t written in awhile…

I’ve been busy pursuing dreams… er, money… er, futures.  Once upon a time, I had ten or more projects on my plate. I was constantly chasing the wind and whatever fancy came to mind. Unfortunately, I don’t get anything done that way. While I had the capability to do it all, I’ve finally learned to limit myself down to two major projects and lately I’m learning to focus through meditation.

One key to keeping yourself from working on projects is just to write them down. Write only as much as comes to mind at first and don’t put any more energy towards it. After awhile, you may find the idea was silly to begin with or you have already lost interest. Eventually, those once-fascinating side projects will become trivial nuisances that you can easily toss to the side in favor of your current project.

Sometimes one of those side projects is far too interesting to dismiss. In that case, it may be okay to run with it.

For me, one of my projects involves doing something I enjoy very much: making fractals. While the project is too secret for me to specify just yet, I guarantee you, it will be beautiful… or I’ll be more disappointed than everyone else who sees it. In order to make it beautiful though, I’ve had to learn how to make fractals correctly, and in the mean time, I’ve done some experimenting.

complex green bipolar subflame IFS fractal
“Bipolar Humor”
green purple radial blur arch IFS fractal
“Wired Cells”
green golf course IFS fractal
“Golfing into the Night”

The ultimate goal is to create beautiful fractal manipulations like the kind created by xzendor7, featured elsewhere in this blog. While I don’t nearly have the library of fractals available to me as he does, my aim is also a bit different. I want 3D fractals – not just stuff that looks beautiful from one direction.

I’ve spoken a bit with another artist about 3D fractals using JWildfire. He and I took separate paths – I made Povray scenes/models and he made .obj models. I wouldn’t say the results are stunning in either case (something about 3D model rendering that just destroys the original beauty), but they are cool. After all, IFS fractals turned into 3D models isn’t something that has been done before as far as I know. I do know real fractals (such as those from Mandelbulb3D) have, but that’s about it.

I may eventually get back to that fractal creator side project I wrote about a while ago, but that’s only if I really need it. Otherwise I’ll end up tangling myself in a project I wrote about avoiding in the beginning of this article. But that reminds me of one of the reasons I kept it: I may need it. Doh!

fractal manipulation
“Project Splatter 2”

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