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And the Key to Good IFS Design is Borders

Like web design, like anime, like most digital art out there, the key to good IFS (iterated function series, i.e. “fractal flame”) is making borders. This used to elude me, but recently…

IFS - blue fractal with squares in a spiral
Goofing Off

I got lucky. But I discovered, finally, how to use the Mobius as a final transform. It basically warps the outer stuff inward to a point a modest distance away from the original center. This makes for some nice curls. The original IFS might look like crap, but as long as you know what the Mobius transform will do to it, it looks great.

Most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, even if you do understand fractals, so rather than tell you how excited I am about how I’ve figured out how to use post_crop and blur to make some amazing fractals, as I just did XD, I’ll show you some art I made:

mobius transformed IFS fractal frame
again, more mobius
mobius transformed IFS fractal flame
even more mobius

The above one is also practice at making borders.

And now for the cool bordered stuff:

mobius and julia transformed IFS fractal flame
“Wired Violet”
linear transforms and post crop forming an IFS fractal flame
“Worms in My Veggies”
linear and post crop transformed forming an IFS fractal flame
“Tasting an Orange”

I feel like a professional now… well… not quite yet. There are still several tricks I’d like to figure out, but at least now when I look at tutorials, I should have an idea of where they are going on how to modify it for my own interests.

One thing I really learned from all this is that you really don’t have as much control as you want, but you do have half of it, and it’s your half that’s important for the design.

Fractal flame art is a nice hobby.


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