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Miss Monochrome – The Best Quick Laugh in Anime

Miss Monochrome
スーパーアイドルを目指して by べる

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Rating
  3. Brief Review
  4. Fan Art


Miss Monochrome is an anime about a female android attempting to become an idol (singer) in order to meet a woman named Kikuko. Along the way, we meet a troll and a man worth losing billions of yen to find.


Story – 10/10 – 3 min episodes, yet the story is consistent and very entertaining. Beware, however: it will leave you wanting more.

Animation – 4/10 – Nothing special, but it wasn’t ugly either.

Directing – 5/10 – Average. The action was visible but I felt like there was too much close up.

Characters – 7/10 – Time wasn’t spent developing the characters that much, so they had to be very expressive, but overall they were well done for a short anime.

Morality – 7/10 – Odd rating, I admit. There are “fight scenes” that are so mild it’s ridiculous. There is some revealing clothing. But overall, this is rather clean, especially for a comedy. No cussing even.

Music – 8/10 – It fits the show.

Brief Review

Starting with Nichijou, it’s clear there is a particular aspect of modern “Western” humor that has infiltrated anime: randomness. When presented correctly, it can be very entertaining. When not, it’s the most stupid crap on the planet. Admittedly, this kind of humor was in Hetalia Axis Powers and other anime, but it wasn’t as strong (much less the sole focus of the show).

What we have here is a show that utilizes random absurdity all the while maintaining an otherwise believable reality. Hence, it’s not Nichijou, but the consequence is a barrel of laughs in only 3 minutes. What’s more, this comedy actually has a plot! I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s rather comedic while still being relatively consistent.

In short, watch this show! In total, it’s only about 39 minutes of the actual show, plus the minute every episode for the ending theme, which you mind find yourself repeating over and over as you continue watching.

Notably, the theme song sounds rather weird at first. This may be in part because of the CGI of Monochrome, which, while rendered in high quality, looks… creepy? I have no words for it…

Fan Art

There was a contest on Pixiv before the show aired, but it didn’t attract much interest, save a handful of people. The earliest good piece – and still the best I can find as I write – is a nurse picture. I’m note sure what’s going on there, but there’s a bunch of nurse pictures for Miss Monochrome.

おなか by 三嶋くろね on pixiv

There are a few others of notable mention, but let’s start with the nurse theme:

モノクロナース by みくるん@3日目東ム16a on pixiv

ミス・モノクローム by 遠藤シン on pixiv

白黒の人 by るまっち on pixiv

ミス・モノクローム by shikniful on pixiv

Something alittle more … spritzy?
(Used at the beginning of this post.)

スーパーアイドルを目指して by べる on pixiv

Moving on to Chibi:
[正月・振袖姿]ミス・モノクローム by kion on pixiv

ミス・モノクロームⅡ by キノコ on pixiv

*cough* *cough* Glad we got that over with. Let’s get some notable mentions out of the way and then move on to the good stuff.

モノクロームさん by マキノク on pixiv

This one is alittle touchy *bites lip*… ミス・モノクローム巫女 by てりむく。 on pixiv

Here’s the winner of I-forgot-to-finish-coloring. I think this one has alot of potential, and what it needs are some gradients and lighting.

モノクロ by 樹色 on pixiv

転校生のミス・モノクロームです。 by L’C on pixiv

[モノクロサンタ]ミス・モノクローム by m.i. on pixiv

Alright, fine. Time for the best I could find.

【パーティドレス】モノクロちゃん by ZEXEL on pixiv

巫女さん by 桜木蓮 on pixiv

Miss Monochrome, cat version by pixiv artist 七癖みり
ミス・モノクローム by 七癖みり

ミス・モノクローム by 七癖みり on pixiv

All right, I’m done. Of course, if you like simple stuff, there’s always more. How about something more like the original:
[24/11/2013] ミス・モノクローム by ¼ on pixiv

白衣教師 by 浮動紅葉トゥワ on pixiv

Do you like cats? I don’t care for these pieces, especially considering how dehumanizing they are, but seeing as Miss Monochrome is an android anyways…

ネコミミ・ミス・モノクローム by ぐっちょ

ネコミミ・ミス・モノクローム by ぐっちょ on pixiv

I did find several other nice pieces, but unfortunately, things get more ecchi at that point, if you know what I mean.

One last thing to add. Usually, I’m more skeptical with who the artist is. Many times, someone else will post something that isn’t theirs. If I feel like that’s the case and I decide to upload the image, I’ll indicate it for you. Not that most of you care…


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