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A Trip to SNowmans Land – Galilei Donna Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Quick Review
  3. Rating
  4. (tiny) Spoiler Review


Galilei Donna (ガリレイドンナ) is an anime published by Fuji Creative Corporation and (currently) airing on Crunchyroll. It centers around the adventure of the Ferrari sisters, Hazuki, Kazuki, and Hozuki (星月フェラーリ), affectionately called Hanne, Kanne, and Hocchi respectively. The setting? A cold future earth, suffering from energy loss and desperately needing… methane. Doesn’t that come from cow poop? -_- The objective? – Find a mysterious entity known only as the “Tesoro”.

It’s only 11 episodes long and about 25 minutes each episode.

Intended audience: Lolicons, mecha-lovers, and American suckers… I mean loli-pops! YOU DIDN’T JUST READ THAT!

Quick Review

The story is very enjoyable if you let it be, and the plot is definitely original despite using several cliche elements. (Who doesn’t use them?)

The feel is very personal rather than world-influential, despite the latter being spoken of frequently. In other worlds, you feel isolated from everything else in the world even though the world somehow depends on what’s going on in the tiny one you’re watching. Despite the various places visited, once they serve their purpose, you can forget about them. And they shall be no more. So let it be written. So shall it be done.

There were a few interesting plot twists. The story built up alot of mystery – more than it could polish off – and while the main part of the story built on itself, there were both noticeable inconsistencies and some let downs.

While not a comedy, this show has plenty of laughs, assuming you don’t get tired of typical anime humor.

Overall, nothing new to interest the anime inhaler except an original plot, but it’s probably a good starting anime for those who aren’t afraid to encounter anime at its finest and not-so-finest moments.


Story – 7/10 – Quite enjoyable. Somewhat cliche and kind of a let down in certain respects. Some definite plot holes.

Animation – 6/10 – Maybe I’m getting pickier, but it was rather average, though not poor. Kudos to the CGI crew.

Directing – 5/10o_O It wasn’t great, but it was bearable.

Music – 7/10 – Great opening theme, fitting ending theme, and quality background music. The OP (Synchromanica by NEGOTO) is too repetitive to be a standalone song though.

Moral Concerns – 5/10 – This show does not shy away from blood, albeit ketchup. There is a scene of nudity, and a short period where someone is missing a shirt under their overalls.

Overall – 7/10 – Enjoyable.

(tiny) Spoiler Review

How on earth did we get this technology? The show starts out with a bunch of laughs. Throw out your typical assumptions about the start of an adventure – let’s make a marine aircraft and let the chibi be a genius. After the first few episodes, the show starts to fall into a typical routine and nothing really new comes in front of us.

To be honest, I was expecting something with alot more mystery, something that would delve into the secrets of some corporation and discover dark secrets unknown to the rest of the world. (I even thought I wouldn’t watch just based on the premise.) Instead, we a get a field trip. And probably for that reason, I found myself grow alittle less interested every episode.

The first oddity about the future Earth is that it runs off methane. I’m not kidding. In other words, you could power your ship by farting. Purifying mechanism sold separately; batteries not included. The writers were clever enough to avoid a situation in which they would have to explain all this, but they did inadvertently create plot holes like how-did-they-get-more-fuel?

There were several plot holes, but most of the time, they were ignorable, or should I say, forgivable. Some of it comes back to bite in the very end, but at that point it’s like, oh well – obviously no season 2 here.

I would like to compliment the CG. It was obvious, but I thought it was as good as Last Exile, an anime that would probably make an excellent comparison based the extraordinary number of similarities /*wipes sarcasm from lips*.

Last Exile had two teens; Galilei Donna only had one. Despite the dominance of female characters in the main roles, it seemed like every other side character was a male, and rather transparent ones at that.

Speaking of which, the character development was kinda flat. They weren’t all stereotypical, but you did have your loli, your selfish teen, your madman, and your lovable pirate. I suppose with only 11 episodes, there wasn’t much time for character development, but we do get stuck watching a child protagonist who hardly develops if at all. She remains the sweet, lovable character, never asking why all the bad happens. She just floats along. In comparison, Claus and Lavie form Last Exile are much more developed, even if they are rather naive.

The adventures in Galilei Donna are comparable in a couple ways. First, we’re introduced to unfamiliar vehicles that become the main tool of the show. Second, everything utilizes one power source. Third, the trip is so long it’s most of the show. Unfortunately in the case of Galilei Donna, the stops are way too short to make any sense. How the characters manage to find everything so quick is purely to solely to keep the trip moving. In a sense, it’s kind of a let down because the whole point of traveling is so you can get to a place and do stuff, not quickly solve a puzzle and move on. As things roll on, however, you find out it was all for the emotions anyways.

With all that said, I really ought to comment on the violence. This show does not shy away from blood. There isn’t a ton of it, but when the scene arises, it’s clearly visible.

Surprisingly, this show felt like it was longer than it really was. Maybe that’s because I had to wait so long to see the finish. In the end, I think it was a good watch. Would I rewatch it? Sure – probably more likely than rewatching SAO, though it’d probably be boring unless I waited awhile.

And yes, there is snow. Lots and lots of snow.

Fan Art

Sheesh. I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time. I did find a couple of interest… and then whittled that list down to what might be appropriate.

メリークリスマス! by Pen助 on pixiv

ちょうきんぎょ by クロクマネコ on pixiv

And one that demonstrates the lack of shirt:

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