OCRemix - album art - finalJustin_Medford

On OCR since 2006, Justin Medford is a Californian with a knack for getting a grand, often epic orchestral sound out of Fruity Loops Studio. He’s an active and involved artist, contributing to albums more than publishing singles, noting that some singles are from albums.

Like most artists, he has a definitely style – he likes the space-filling, epic sound – not so much ethereal as cinematic. It may have something to do with his apparent love of remixing Nobuo Uematsu music. Cue the drums; strike up the horns; and when we’re bored, invite a guitarist. If he’s on an album, it’s almost a guarantee his music will stand out from everything else. Unfortunately, his works can be a hit and miss, even when he is composing in his signature style. Nevertheless, he’s usually one of if not the first artist I’ll check out on an album.

Classic style example: “Advance” for the album Wild Arms: ARMed and DANgerous.

Best songs



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