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Mega Milestone – 10000!!!

And there you have it: 10000. Ironically, this is also the 120th post on my blog. And here I thought I’d reach 10000 before 120 posts. I guess I was right but only by a 1-post margin. lol

It has been an honor being read… or is it just glanced at for 10 seconds? Who knows.

What now? Is it anti-climatic? (or anti-climactic?)… Eh. It’s a toss up. I’m enjoying the moment. … It’s a mega milestone.

Actually, I’m just being funny. I don’t really care about the popularity of the blog (Who wants to read opinions anyways? We all have our own.) but maybe it says something about what’s there is to look forward to when writing a blog, since I’m guessing my comment moderating has deterred more than spam. XD

Then again, one technique for getting comments I noticed being employed recently was following other bloggers (that is, hitting the follow button). Naturally, the blogger will check out your blog – probably more out of curiosity than actual courtesy – and if they find something interesting or motivational, they will already be logged in and ready to comment. But internet explorers aren’t usually interested in creating an account merely to say one thing, no pun intended.

In concluding this post, I must confess that, now that I’ve reached 10000 views, I have no other view goals. … Not that I really had any to begin with.

Ok, ok, sorry. If you’re here for something entertaining, don’t worry. I have a post or two planned where I’ll intend to share alot of pretty artwork (if I can get permission) and, naturally, more of my own precious sweet opinion. XD

And finally, a last point of business – since I missed the opportunity a long time ago, I can do it at 1000 more, right? I mean after all, that’s what they did with the American version.


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