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Is PaintToolSAI Worth the Money?

Table of Contents

  1. Background
  2. What is Manga?
  3. Why the world uses SAI
  4. Gimp versus SAI
  5. Conclusion

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Why I Am Chronological Dot

About four years ago around this time, I found myself becoming more of a fan of anime. I went around looking for a place to meet other people online, hang out, and talk about it (amongst other things). I ended up joining a forum where I would spend a couple years, but the important part was just starting out, just taking a step into the unknown (*cue original Star Trek music*). How did I want to present myself to people. I had never joined a forum for its own sake (usually it was because I wanted something else the website had). I wanted to be humble, a mild individual, someone with a respectable opinion. (Me? Humble? What?) After all, that’s how I saw myself with real people (who am I kidding), though that says nothing about how stoutly -to say it ambiguously- I presented my opinion.

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Poverty Is Not Such a Bad Thing

When people think of the word “poverty”, it usually has negative connotations. You might think of starving children in Africa or the slums of Calcutta. The idea that people have in mind is that one has less than one needs. But even more important, a person has less than he or she wants. When we relabel the word as “simplistic life” or “minimalism”, it is viewed in a more positive light because it is a choice. And yet, there is something very akin to this minimalism while still being entirely within the realm of poverty; it’s what the religious call “holy poverty”. But before I get into what that means for the religious, let me first address what it simply means to humans in general.

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