Memories: Ruby Red Squirt

Usually, I write about things I have a stronger opinion on (after all, I’m an opinionated guy), but this time I thought it might be nice just to dwell on the memory.

According to the Squirt website, the original Squirt was created in Arizona and eventually bought by a Michigan-based company named Brooks Products. That explains its popularity when I was there. My family had a little jingle for “Ruby Red Squirt”. I believe it (Ruby Red Squirt specifically) was one of our favorite soft-drinks at that time, or at least one we looked forward to the most as kids. Sadly, I can’t remember the flavor anymore, so I’d love to try some, but alas – they don’t sell it where I live. Maybe that helps keep some of the nostalgia. There’s a word for this – 懐かしい (「なつかしい」), meaning “dear”/”desired”/”missed”. I certainly miss it, and hopefully the brand doesn’t disappear before I have a chance to try it again.

Reminds me, it’s called “pop” in Michigan. Most of the U.S. can’t make up its mind on what to call soft-drinks. There’s “soft drink”, “soft beverage”, “soda”, or “Coke” (in Texas). I suppose in most places you’ll hear “soda” (considering, for example, the name “cream soda”), and in some parts of the country they refer to the drink by its specific name or type. Some drinks, like root beer, are called just that – “root beer”. Others, like lemon-lime, might be called by a specific brand, such as 7-Up or Sprite, despite the fact that the drink in question is not the one whose name is given. My parents often said “Sprite” at restaurants when I was younger, but what they meant was “non-caffeinated lemon-lime” i.e. something for the kids.

My brother had an easy solution to the whole name issue: he called it “soda pop”. It was short, it was easy, and no matter where you went in the continental United States, people would understand you (… or at least everywhere but Texas).

And there you have it, my very non-opinionated blog post about soda pop – some of the best soda pop in the world. Darn, there I go adding opinion!

*sigh* I’m becoming thirsty just looking at these pictures…


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