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OCRemix Album Review – Eevee (Pokemon)

“Eevee everywhere” by Cachmon

It’s been some time since I wrote about OCRemix, but I felt like this album deserved some attention because it’s the best one I’ve heard in awhile (at least with respect to my tastes), and on it are few artists I like.

Short Review

For those of you who don’t want to read details, here’s a general rating of each song in terms of “keeper points”:

  1. The Destiny Infinite ~Eevee~ by Darkesword: 10/10
  2. BITE ~Ubreon~ by Benjamin Briggs: 4/10
  3. Wet Dreams ~Vaporeon~ (Viridian Forest, Theme of Cerulean City) by Phonetic Hero: 8/10
  4. Photosynthesis ~Leafeon~ by halc: 10/10
  5. Ember ~Flareon~ by Brandon Strader: 0/10
  6. Snowflakes in Her Hair ~Glaceon~ by Blue Magic: 7/10
  7. Conundrum ~Jolteon~ by Jakesnke17 featuring Source X: 7/10
  8. Half Steps ~Espeon~ by ectogemia: 5/10
  9. WHAT TYPE ARE YOU ~Sylveon~ by Theory of N: 10/10

Long Review

1) The Destiny Infinite ~Eevee~ (Road to Cerulean)
by DarkeSword

As the saying goes, put your best foot forward. This song is quite royal sounding (think “majestic” though not “epic”) with some ethereal piano pitched in, as piano is DarkeSword’s signature feature. It’s got a good groove and a funky, interesting synthesizer bass, … and of course, a brass section.

2) BITE ~Ubreon~ (Ice Path)
by Benjamin Briggs

TON of unpolished synth, as expected. Kinda hard on the ears – static-y, bouncy. An interesting sound overall, but alittle monotonous. Not a bad song, but I could trash it and not care.

3) Wet Dreams ~Vaporeon~ (Viridian Forest, Theme of Cerulean City)
by Phonetic Hero

Never heard of this guy, but he’s got an interesting sound. I’m unsure how to describe it. It’s got a mellow, slightly beach transitions type sound. It certainly fulfills its title.

4) Photosynthesis ~Leafeon~ (Eterna Forest)
by halc

Leave it to halc to deliver. Synth, mellow flute, very happy sounding. He’s got some forest sounds (birds) in the background and alittle of that aura sound like the music for Zora’s domain. Outside of that, though, everything else is kinda bouncy synth that is force-fit to the setting.

5) Ember ~Flareon~ (Lavender Town)
by Brandon Strader

Brandon and his usual rock, but this time it isn’t balanced by someone’s softer side. I couldn’t stand this for more than 30 seconds. If you like hard rock with monotonous melody, fine, take it, but don’t even bother with this if your the kind who enjoys pleasant orchestration.

6) Snowflakes in Her Hair ~Glaceon~ (Snowpoint City (Day))
by Blue Magic

Chipper, airy, and I hear some influence of sonic sounds in there. I heard similar music for Grand Fantasia (MMO). It’s got some dominating drums providing a strong contrast to the smooth aspects of the rest of the instruments, as if the creator was making something flow-y while all the while trying to make something with groove.

7) Conundrum ~Jolteon~ (Battle VS Gym Leader)
by Jakesnke17 featuring Source X

Be patient – it takes this song a second to build up. The song goes through a few transitions, from monotonous punch to glorious game synth all the way to something soft and back to punch.

8) Half Steps ~Espeon~ (National Park)
by ectogemia

After a zappy, stack-filled opening (that made me want to listen to Cosmic Transformations by Adhesive Boy (also on OCRemix)), we get a funky but gentle rag-time piano accompanied by grooving drums and some odd synth sounds. The song sticks with its melody to the end, never reaching a peak or adding anything exciting or whatnot. It’s background music, essentially.

9) WHAT TYPE ARE YOU ~Sylveon~ (Title)
by Theory of N

Here we go, saving some of the best for last. It’s not a starter song, but it’s exciting, it’s got a good groove, good balance overall, and the synth carries the melody to maintain that authentic game sound. If you don’t even slightly appreciate gameboy or NES game sounds, don’t bother with this song.


It’s a good album, albeit a rather short one for me considering that some of OC Remix’s more recent albums have had two or more “discs” worth of songs (9 or so songs per disk).

Oh, by the way, if you’re like me and you didn’t know that odd furball was an Eevee (イーブイ Eiebui), you can find out about it on Bulbapedia.

Related Artwork

^ This guy has a bunch of Eevee paintings.


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