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Fixing My Broken Internet… With Tor?!!

As some of my friends know, I’ve had trouble with internet connection issues. For some reason, I get IP v4 internet connection and only local IP v6 connection, and that has meant I couldn’t access the internet. Of course, it serves me right for plugging into the ethernet port of a wireless router, but who’s looking? So up until now, I’ve had to resort to another computer for internet.

With the whole debacle of internet privacy, as reported by the Guardian (hey, the government can everything you do online, in case you didn’t know), I started reading about the Tor browser. It’s supposed to maintain anonymity on the web and does a few other things only geeks would understand. Given it’s connection capabilities and such, I decided to give it a whirl on my computer to fix the internet problem.

Viola! It works. The Tor network itself says I’m not using it (even though my IP address is different – lol – so it IS working), but what the heck – I get internet! Of all the most ironic uses for that piece of software, sidestepping the disagreement between a desktop and a router is probably not what most people have in mind.

The downside is that now my computer looks like it belongs to someone else, possibly a spammer, so I might get blocked on some sites, depending on the IP address I get. But that’s better than no internet whatsoever when it’s paid for!

Oh yeah, and there’s that whole privacy benefit. Yeah, yeah, yeah…. INTERNET!! WEEEEEE!!! Ahem… at least some things work again.

If you’re interested in the Tor web browser, you can download it directly from the Tor project site,

NOTE: As mentioned above, you may get blocked from some sites. That’s because there happen to be a large number of people using this to network to spam sites, so services use the simple technique of IP-blacklisting. But the more people who use Tor, the less effective that technique will become.

Also, the Tor creators recommend not installing addons for privacy, but the HTML5 on Youtube doesn’t work for me, so you will probably need the add-on if you want to watch videos.


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