Memories: Ruby Red Squirt

Usually, I write about things I have a stronger opinion on (after all, I’m an opinionated guy), but this time I thought it might be nice just to dwell on the memory.

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OCRemix Album Review – Eevee (Pokemon)

“Eevee everywhere” by Cachmon

It’s been some time since I wrote about OCRemix, but I felt like this album deserved some attention because it’s the best one I’ve heard in awhile (at least with respect to my tastes), and on it are few artists I like.

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UltraGUI – Window Management for Irrlicht

In today’s world, there’s this subtle quest of designers and programmers to find the ultimate GUI layout – something that always works and everyone can use with ease. When a design is bad, someone gets an earful. When it’s decent, no one minds it as much, though people are nit-picky. When a design is good… well, let’s face it – no one has the same tastes.

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Fixing My Broken Internet… With Tor?!!

As some of my friends know, I’ve had trouble with internet connection issues. For some reason, I get IP v4 internet connection and only local IP v6 connection, and that has meant I couldn’t access the internet. Of course, it serves me right for plugging into the ethernet port of a wireless router, but who’s looking? So up until now, I’ve had to resort to another computer for internet.

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