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ChronologicalDot Site B is ONLINE

Well… at the moment at least.

The above image is the new logo for the site. While the bulbous part appears, the actual text is excluded. lol.

I’ve finally uploaded my site to the server, which means you can now view it, unless or until I take it down again for maintenance. It was uploaded yesterday afternoon, technically, but I debated on whether to report it because it’s unfinished.

The site is technically unfinished for two reasons. First, the contact page doesn’t work. I’ve coded the entire thing correctly and PHP even tells me an email has been sent, but still I get no email. *sigh* Second, the projects page is unfinished. I wanted to host my code on this site, but no layout I came up with satisfies me. I want something that’s simple and usable, but it’s very hard to beat what I already had on my old site. Hence, I excluded that part of the site, which results in a PHP error when you click the “Free Code” link. If you really want free code, just go to the old site.

In fact… considering the usefulness of my old site, I may make a few modifications, spruce it up a bit, and probably keep it for as long as my site lasts. I had originally planned to retire it, but that seems unlikely – the layout is way too convenient, and it’s not like the site is a piece of junk. At the very least, it needs two things: a better version of my logo and the background I originally intended: two planets crashing into each other. That would be quite epic, but I have yet to seriously devote the time to such a project (actually, I just keep forgetting).

Without further ado, the link to my latest masterpiece:

This version of the site is designed to be more professional. In other words, its something I’m not afraid of showing people with the only issues being that a) it serious lacks content and b) it has a link back to the old site, which most non-programming professionals don’t want to see.

It’s a rocky start, I suppose. But at least this time the rocks are quartz – everything has a little glisten to it. XD


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