Software Embarrassment #1 – It’s a Paint Job

For quite some time, I’ve struggled with the fact that most work I find out there is always more professional or quality than mine (even if mine looks better or works better, there’s some mystique about professional work that always makes me more critical of my work). You might have this issue to, but hey – it’s good to be your best critic. Most work you see out there you might think, “Shoot, I can do that, can’t I?” But on some rare occasion, you might stumble on some whose work is publicly marketed and you think, “… Uh… That’s EMBARRASSING!” (Okay, maybe not that loudly.)

Tonight, I discovered a group in Houston attempting to sell a program that outputs graphics similar to MSPaint. … In fact, the graphics are so bad, I honestly can’t believe they came from 3D rendering software of any kind (not that they claim this, mind you). The output is so hideous…

okay, I’ll just show you…

Where can you find this?

At the software image gallery for KX Edge, made by Kinesix.

But wait! Here’s more!

I’m sorry. Is someone supposed to buy this?

Okay, so I’m making fun of a piece of software that I don’t know how or if it even works. Maybe it really does output this kind of *ehem* … Funny thing – I don’t see any GUI in any of the pictures. I wonder if there is one. So much for “using the most powerful and sophisticated graphics on the market”.

Not to make fun of the guys behind this. They’re trying to make a living to. And maybe the software does do some useful things. Who knows.

There’s a job posting on if anyone’s interested in helping them. (.Net)

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