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Parashi – Tales Unknown

official artwork: “Our Legend”

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Commentary
  3. Official Artwork


Every once in awhile, you stumble upon artists on the rise. Some already have a following and some are nobodies with potential. The group in this article has been working on their project since ’09, and thus they have a nice size fanbase while still being obscure in the business world. Nice time to get on board the train, but let’s cover the details first.

For those of you who want to just dig in without my summary, see the links at the bottom of this section.

Parashi (“Paradigm Shigen”, part 1, and “Paradigm Shift”, part 2) is a couple of stories being written by a couple of Canadians. The authors enjoy drawing more than writing, so there is a ton of official artwork, which you can find on the deviant art page of nuri , Joyce Ngai (one of the writers). The other writer, Bassara, doesn’t post much on their page. And notably…

No story has been released yet. (Understandably so. The authors have been in college.) However, because the writers are girls, most of the characters in the story are bishounen (美少年) (that’s “pretty boys” for those of you who don’t speak Japanese), including that guy in the image above. The story is, however, in a sort of Japanese middle-ages setting, much like “Tales of” games, “Golden Sun”, etc.

The creators are very much influenced by Japanese culture, as you can see in the artwork, and their characters all have Japanese names.While they have not released the story, it’s clear they intend to make it a manga – or better?

Sites to visit:


And now for my take on things. Uh oh.

The reception of the fandom is quite pleasing. The creators are embracing it and promoting it. Fan works are accepted – even hosted on the official site – and official artwork isn’t hidden behind copyright watermarks but is open and free to download. 😀 Hurray!

The story is fantasy, obviously. However, you might notice the authors speak of powers and such. This is reminiscent of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Full Metal Alchemist, although given the phrasing (“fire magic”), I imagine it’s closer to the former and/or more inline with video game style magic. If you don’t like magic, stay away. I have no idea where this is going.

Nuriko appears to be Christian, as evidenced by one of her paintings: “the greatest love“. But then things go the other way with Bassara, who has an affection for “husbanana“. Any correlation with “hand banana”? You tell me. Quite disgusting imo. Call me suspicious, but given the layout of this about page on tumblr, despite being in 3rd person writing, and the fact that Bassara has no real name (unless they want to be anonymous), I’m betting this “nuriko” and “bassara” are actually just the same person’s alter egos. Notice, there is no mention of Bassara on the blog, despite the included links to official parashi sites.(The about page was the link “husbanana”. The tumblr blog isn’t a coincidence – I found it by scanning links on official pages (not the wiki).)

Official Artwork

The official artwork ranges from this-is-clearly-amateur to how-are-you-not-pro? The deviant art gallery of nuri is quite interesting in that it shows a relatively poor, self-described “lazy” college kid become a very talented artist. (They still, by the way, say they are lazy, and even recently that laziness does show.)

(The fan art isn’t too shabby either! But if I add fan art, it will be in a new section of this article.)

Key to success in art: use a big canvas. This artist in particular has had one canvas size of 4000 x 2000, and I imagine that has become an average.

Official artwork: “it has been a pleasure”

Tools of the trade: Paint tool SAI and Photoshop. Can you guess which tool was used in the image above?

Official artwork: “We, the resistance”

You’ll notice that in some images, very little work is put into the background but alot of work is put into the front characters.

“Trifecta without blitz 8p”

No, that isn’t Miku Hatsune, but the hairstyle this particular character (Aurora) might have been inspired by her. They are eating pocky, not smoking.

Official artwork: art dump

For the above image, right click and click “View Image”. It’s quite large. It is an example of the variance in quality I was talking about.

Official artwork: “family”

Just as a reminder, most of the main characters are guys. The only girl in the image above is the red head, Naebi.

Official artwork: “Parashi requests dump”
Official artwork: “Paradox Saga”

That’s some quality stuff. Of course the best is saved for last, right?

Beware: spoilers! … Well, no story spoilers, but spoilers if you do get to read the manga.

Official artwork: “Paradox screenshots”

Looks like an anime for Pete’s sake!! Considering that most manga I know of aren’t in color, with the exception of the title page, seeing a manga (or even just a book) with quality like this is definitely something I’d consider worth paying for assuming, of course, it’s not just filled with blood and gore.


One thought on “Parashi – Tales Unknown

  1. I can certainly see why he decided to draw the manga in colour – his colouring is really amazing on everything he’s done. Very beautiful. I guess it’s just the proportions and sometimes the detail that lets him down a bit. Great find!

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