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Into the Triple Digits

by Doctor-S

Now celebrating with a gorgeous fractal.

This is post 100.


And 3

… 2

… 1

by IndigoSnippy

Why is the world still here? Oh, I guess it was only a megaBYTE, not a megaTON warhead. … bad joke.

But yes, this is it. I have successfully made it to 100 posts. I can now cease blogging entirely and still feel like I’ve accomplished something… … or at least that was the mentality when I started. Now, it’s just like, “Why would I stop?” Must… keep… going!

“The Airship Battle” by SpikedMcGrath

Man, what’s with the explosion theme in this post? Unusual.

Okay, time for a happy note.

“Smiley Face” by hourglassthorne

Enter the space and time of my little world... Welcome Earthling.

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