Men and Valuing Themselves

Man has a problem: He does not know how to value himself.

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Being Creepy on the Internet

No, I’m not talking about intentionally stalking someone you like – although it can include that – I’m talking about well-meaning individuals accidentally making themselves look… creepy. It’s not like they are intentionally trying to be threatening, it’s that they go about entering a person’s internet societal bubble so-to-speak in an unusual manner. They might do this for various reasons – perhaps they are too impatient to make contact over an extended period of time or perhaps they are just trying to draw attention to themselves. Whatever their reason, they just don’t rub off well. Salesmen can’t get away with it either, but at least salesmen who we come into contact with physically are in a zone where such activity is more or less anticipated and thus it doesn’t scare us away as easily.

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