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View count 4000!!!!

hit4000 A screenshot of the stat-page of It’s 2:02AM as I write this, and about a half hour ago, I was 5 views short. However, my blog has now reached the mark of 4000 views. 😀 That’s something to celebrate! *booming voice* 4000 PEOPLE HAVE VIEWED MY RIDICULOUS ARTICLES! …

*normal voice* Okay, so technically, most people just look for images or tech stuff. One can only wonder if anyone even cares about the opinion articles of this tiny blog. o_o *cue twilight zone music* Skip it. Time for site stats!


The rising star has been Change Album Art for VLC. This week alone, it had 69 views. The past month – 168. The past quarter year (when I wrote it) – 279.


Most popular post, as usual, has been Sword Art Online – Dodge Ram Engine, with an incredible 1285 views, including 21 this week, 75 the past month, 303 the past quarter. No doubt, it has seen a decrease in viewing. This is primarily because the show has long since ended and the only people viewing this article are those looking up pictures.


The steady horse, as usual, is Nightmare and Serenity: Brief Analysis of Touhou. While it has never seen more than 7 views in a day, it has wracked up a total of 265.touhou2013apr15

Close behind is The Last Exiles – or – Ignite the Gunpowder with Antifreeze Please at 236.

A Simple Analysis of Narcissu / Narcissus is at 174.

Clannad – The Past Path – Review at 138.

Philophical Criticisms: Alex Rosenberg: Atheist Guide to Reality now at 125. This used to be a very popular post, having about 90 or so views within the first few months it was written, but it’s popularity has since waned. I predict it will reach the bottom of this list by the end of the year. I assume the popularity of this article had something to do with the book’s publishing, considering that the book was published October 11, 2011, and my blog post was published March 15, 2012 – alittle over 7 months after the book’s release.

Clojure in a Closure – A New IDE for yet another Scripting Language is at 105. Since Clojure and Light Table IDE are still relatively new the the programming world, this post continues to be viewed steadily.

Fractal Spotlight: JWildfire is at 104.

That’s it for those in the 100s, unless you count the Home page at 542 views, but that’s not an article.



… Okay, that sounded lonely. That’s okay. That’s what happens on this digital island. The only thing to echo my voice is a line in PHP. Pardon the CS pun. XD

I don’t know whether to say I’m pleased with more viewership or not. On one hand, it’s nice to know people actually care to look at what I’ve written. On the other hand, I’m responsible for what I tell them. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I’ve posted less (the other reasons being the usual: too busy; too apathetic).

Anyways, I’m happy. Not only has viewing reached 4000, but I’m now only 8 articles away from 100!! That may not be a big deal for some people, but for me (who likes to write something useful for people) that’s a nice number to reach.

EDIT: Wow, most likes I’ve had on a post. Thanks everyone!


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