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ALOT of cubes in irrlicht

I thought I’d right my own fractal program, since I like fractals so much. Unfortunately the engine I use (or more precisely, my hardware), can’t handle too much. It’s better to draw things on an image, but even that takes a long time. This week in programming, I learned about optimizing algorithms for drawing to the screen… okay, forget it. The traditional way is better, but I end up having to draw a ton of cubes. So here we go…

15625 cubes…


The bounding box in green was there from debugging to ensure something was actually drawing.

The pattern is unintentional – it’s just a bunch of tiny boxes with space in between them – but it looks kinda pretty.

Next count…

62500 cubes…irrlicht62500cubes


My speedy method for indexing boxes helped, though you wouldn’t know it unless you tried running without it. Flicks Transforms ran faster, but at that time, I was only drawing 2500 cubes.


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