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Simple Graph 2D now in IrrExt

I’m referring to a graph I put together as a GUI element for the Irrlicht engine. I spoke about this in my Irrlicht Extensions post.

I finally stopped delaying uploading – SGraph2D is now in the IrrExt subversion in the GUI section. This means the code won’t disappear if my website ever does, and now it’ll be easier for people to find. Presumably more people (who need it) will find it there than on my site. *sigh* My poor lonely site. X)

On the bright side, this means I can finally say I contributed directly to the project (as opposed to indirectly), and I quickly gained the skill of using Tortoise SVN. I probably have a long way to go before I master that piece of software, but it’s fairly easy to get started with. 🙂


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