Flicks – For Phony Fractals – Gradient testing

For some time, I’ve wanted to make a fractal generator… but have more control over how the fractals are drawn and control that is less confusing than most fractal programs make it. Also, rendering fractals is very time consuming since fractals are point clouds. Those reasons are why people don’t use them for what I’d like to do: making 3D maps (for game worlds and such). My recent CS ventures now include writing a software (called “Flicks” for now) that applies transforms to a set of points (which I will use as vertices for models – after I figure out how to optimally connect them). In this way, I can generate interesting (but controlled-shape) 3D worlds without slowing down my machine to generate a point cloud.

Current progress: translation transformations are just the basic ones (linear shifting, mirroring, sine wave (Cartessian and polar) – that sort of stuff), but I’ve also developed a color transformation that allows me to generate gradients. Below are some examples:


All of the images are of about 1000+ points (drawn with wireframe cubes). There are two color transformations being applied: one with 4 points (blue, red, green, and purple) and one with 3 points (yellow, transparent white, and light blue).

The next couple of pictures are of the same thing from different angles. I’ve applied localized mirroring in the center.


After I finish setting thing up so that I can have localizing (or regionalizing) all transforms, I intend to finish even more basic transformations (like elimination of points in a region) and then make a flower, as I did for my 2D graph (as shown in the pic below), and allow for texture application (both Cartessian and polar, of course).




Enter the space and time of my little world... Welcome Earthling.

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