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Happy Birthday Blog!

by mysticmorning

Okay, so I missed my blog’s first birthday by a couple of days (since my weekend has been very busy), but I can reward it with my 80th post. And with this, I’m now 4/5 of the way to 100. It’s amazing how other people manage to write so often that they get a thousands posts in over only a few years. We’ll see how long I keep doing this. I have no intention of quitting. I’m always disappointed when other people with good blogs stop posting. Not that I have great stuff on here, but at least some of it seems useful to people.

As predicted, the winding down of the season has resulted in the decrease in viewing of my Sword Art Online post. Recently, though, my post on changing the cover art in VLC is popular. Gee, I wonder why? (not really – it’s an annoying problem with the software) If that ever gets fixed, that post will start collecting dust. It’s amazing how I can sound so pessimistic with respect to my blog. X)

But on an optimistic note, I’m happy. And I thank WordPress for offering an internet platform free of charge where I can share my thoughts and ideas and virtually unlimited quantities of information. (pun intended) 😀


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