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IT Gametime (comic)

================ Commentary ==============

I drew this up in my spare time today. It was simple, which made it easy for me to complete my first 6-frame comic strip (in a very long time anyways)! It’s also the first comic strip on this blog!

A friend of mine in IT told me people would call him and the best description they could give him could be filtered down to simply “It’s broken.” In other words, they didn’t provide any helpful details. Then, a few minutes later, they would call back and tell him they got it to work. I think sometimes people in IT, particularly newbies, might be afraid of handling all of the jobs that come their way, since there’s so much technology out there and fiddling with a new one every day may only get you so far. But then again, the real reason people call IT is to have the assurance that there is someone available to assist you who might have a more educated guess at the problem… or, more realistically, is simply there to be a sound board for you to talk to about the problem. Then you may get lucky and the problem mysteriously goes away.

As an old mentor of mine told me: check the power. If it needs to be plugged in, make sure it’s plugged in. If it needs a battery, make sure the battery is charged. Finally, make sure the power switch is on. Those words of advice can go a looong way. Put in more abstractly (and in a way that is applicable to more problems): make sure that the piece of technology (that you are working with) is in the state it needs to be in order to perform the operation you want. Do all you can to put it in that state. When you can’t figure out the next step… then call IT.


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