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Match Word resource blog – Giving you the idea rather than the translation

Ever wanted to study a language in the manner that Rosetta Stone would allow you? Yeah, same here but I don’t have 100+ bucks to shell out. Internet connection, on the other hand, is already paid for. You could try to assemble deck after deck of Anki cards and even give them pictures, but setting up the ideal deck can take a long time, especially when you’re downloading images and trying to fit them in all the time. This is my solution: a blog. Now I have all of the resources of the internet at my fingertips and I can share everything with you.


Match Word

Basically, this is a blog that attempts to teach you the idea of a word rather than the translation. How? Pictures, examples, and explanations – the same stuff you used to learn your first language.

Since tangible things are the closest to reality (and thus the easiest to describe with pictures and examples), the blog will probably be filled with that for the most part.

At the moment, I’m only creating resources for Japanese, although I’m debating on Korean since all the resources will be there anyways, so why not use them? (I don’t want to go overboard though – I can be quite ambitious when it comes to projects.) Oh yeah – I’m hot-linking to save space, so that could be a problem (it just means I have to keep things up-to-date).

For once, I may not be the only author on the blog, as I’ve invited one other person to join the staff. This could be very fun! (And it adds a bit of mystery for me as a blog admin.)

Side commentary:
This is the second blog I’ve started in a week. Considering I intend to be active on both of them, I wonder which I’ll contribute to the most. Yes, I like blogging.

Special thanks to Enchantedgal-Stock (Kimberly Crick) for sharing her images. (See the licensing on their page. I used one for the blog header image.) And thanks to sd-stock for her image.

Update 2019

Actually, in 2018, I decided to finally boot this blog. It’s alot more tedious to go around looking for pictures than you might imagine. It’s also faster to use Anki decks. That said, I have more effective learning methods than this, so it’s gone bye bye.


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