9 thoughts on “Change Album Art for VLC

  1. Guys, a christina Perry cover art had become default in my VLC player if there was no cover art for that song….!
    In the appdata-roaming-VLC, there was this file called VLCRC. Mind you, this was not inside the ‘art’ folder of VLC. After deleting this, I am now getting the usual VLC symbol when there is no cover art!

    1. Thanks for the info. I can see why that worked. vlcrc is just a text file full of settings. Most of them are defaulted (and thus commented out with #), so deleting that would reset the VLC settings. Note, however, if you have some custom settings for things (like default video scaling, video flipping for old vids, etc), you’ll have to set those things again.

    2. Hi,
      I have the exact problem you had with the wrong Album art being stuck for songs with No album art & I tried it . For the 1st time, it worked nicely. But after 1 hour, the wrong art creeped in again. The Problem is, even though i try deleting the VLCRC now, it doesn’t even affect now. I have also tried Uninstalling the player (deleting the preferences along with it), But it still shows the same after Re-installation !! Can u pls suggest any other ways to this stubborn problem ?

      1. Open your xspf files (playlist files for VLC) with a text editor. They are just XML files. Any tag (the things with the angle brackets) labelled “art” or “artwork” should be deleted. Then, open your VLC art folders and delete the art. Also, have a look at the solution by “Glad” also in the comments section.

  2. Thanks for trying, but that’s a ridiculous non-solution. I use VLC for unusual file formats but can’t take it seriously as audio software until silly problems like this are correct. And, using the latest version, when I right-clicks the album cover, there *IS* a pop-up menu with “Add cover art from File” which does nothing. So, I just have to put up with this retarded software showing the cover for Aliens when I’m listening to Wrath of Khan.

    1. Sorry it didn’t help. What kind of formats are you playing? The format may not allow for VLC to associate meta-data such as cover art with the file.
      My article is written for VLC 2.0.2 Twoflower, and only after that did the dev crew add an “Add cover art from file” since so many people begged for it, so I’m not well aware of the newer features. That said, I think I’ve read from other sources that the file loader is bugged. Of course, since the project is free and open-source, you’re more than welcome to contribute to code development. It’s written in C, or so I believe.
      VLC is certainly audio software – it plays the audio file – it just has some broken bells and whistles. You might try using Winamp, which is also capable of playing obscure formats (even ones VLC might not play) but doesn’t seem to have any problems with the cover art (which I think it takes from the folder where the music is located).

  3. There’s a way easier solution to this than downloading these programs and things.

    In Solution 1, the path to the art that VLC downloads by default is shown. (Appdata/vlc/art/artistalbum/whatever band you’re listening to/whatever album you’re listening to from that band) You can delete the “art” file and replace it with a .jpg of the album art. VLC will use that instead. But, it needs to be named the same as the original file. So, your album art needs to be named art.jpg. Once you restart VLC, or even change to a different song in the album, you’ll notice your difference. Saves a WHOLE lot of time.

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