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1000 Views on a post!

“Rainbow Fireworks” by Homig14

I should so save the above picture for the 4th of July. It’s so classy.

For the record, my article on SAO has received, as of this moment 1004 views. Ironically, that’s over a third of the views of this blog (2664). X/ … I suppose if I wanted more people reading my work, I should write about popular things. Then again, you never really know how much people are actually reading, what they are skipping over. Seems to me, most of the queries were for images. How many people actually care about what I write? – Oh, once in a blue moon, someone will query “review” at which point my opinion seems useful, lol. But never fear! At some point, the CIA or NSA will look them up. lol – They must get tired of people randomly tagging them in pointless crap like this. Either that, or they don’t mind seeing all is at peace in the world of most bloggers.

by 0Josh0

Anyways, in light of this, I’m just going to keep chugging along. For awhile, I’ve debated about whether to post things that will make the blog itself more popular or try to keep things quiet so I can post my own humble opinion “under the radar” so-to-speak. The latter seems to be winning – except when I post on or about other people’s blogs, in which case I’m afraid of ticking people – assuming I hold a different, mostly opposing view. On one hand, I could be apathetic about people’s response – you don’t like my opinion? So what! – but on the other hand, I might end up starting a debate I over something I could be even more apathetic about and not care to finish the debate! Then what? Walk away / ignore them? Then I’d feel like the job was unfinished and readers would be like “They must not know what they’re talking about” because somehow quitting equates to ignorance. *raises eyebrow* Remember, I’m speaking about situations where I have a different viewpoint. Sometimes responses are uncalled for, pointless, not adding to the bank of useful information (and I’m definitely guilty of those sorts comments). I certainly don’t want to be rude to people, much less an all-out jerk, though I’m sure I’ll end up sounding like one to some people.

Here I am raining on the celebration, pun intended. Let’s have more fireworks!

by San-Racoon

But back to the original point: I’m quite pleased to have made it this far. I now have over 70 posts on this blog. To think I’ve actually made it this far AND typed out many blog posts that I feel like were useful to people (as opposed to just pictures and snippets of things) AND not restarted with yet another blog (although I suppose technically this is the freestyle restart of Steam Central) is quite impressive for me – one who has a hard time finishing things without a deadline or monetary incentive behind them. (Just kidding! Technically, this only applies to written works.) Can I get any less pessimistic? XD I could be making all of this up and you’d never know it unless you met me, but at least you know I have a sense of humor… maybe. lol

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