New Philosophy blog

for once, an image by me

Boring title for this article, I know.

It’s about time that I renew my writings in philosophy online. You can read them here:

I intend to answer the many questions in life that few have thought of and create questions that even I, the infallible source of all wisdom and knowledge *cough* *cough*, cannot answer.

I’ve also been debating on adding philosophical comics to it. Nihilism can be easy to joke around with.

In case you’re wondering about the title: While “Diaries of a Mad Genius” was original, I tacked on “Temporary Name” as a joke reference to Steins;Gate, which I did watch and probably won’t write a review on. I may change the name eventually – it sounds kinda unprofessional for something I take very seriously – but for now I don’t have any better ideas.


It will be different from other philosophical blogs in that it will be similar to a wikipedia of my mind – a site whose links take you all around the site and whose articles are on specific ideas (usually definitions) as opposed to ramblings about a specific topic. The articles will be incomplete in and of themselves for understanding the entirety of what I need to say with them, so they will cross-link all over the place. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write up easily understood fundamentals, but that’s only a philosopher’s wish – not likely going to happen.

Topics to be covered

I list things I’d like to cover in the table of contents.


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