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Milestone: Over 2000 – Blog Recap

This week, my blog reached over 2000 views (2179 last I checked). Woohoo! Of course, this was primary due to a single blog post of mine concerning Sword Art Online. I wrote it about midway through series, and the show has been quite popular, so it’s given my humble little blog some traffic.

When I began this blog last winter, I started out with the intention of freeing myself from the constraint of writing about a specific topic. I’ve tried starting blogs in the past devoted to one thing or another, but I find myself with a lack of content or interest for long periods of time, so nothing gets added to the blog. During that time, I’ll have interest and information in dozens of other things, so why not write that stuff down? This blog allowed me to do that. I can write just about anything here – even boring recap posts.

While it’s nice to just write, I don’t want my blog to be just another bunch of words posted on the interest. I think blogs should be useful to people, sharing information, perhaps summarizing it, perhaps expanding on it, maybe providing new insight into something. The readers and writer should benefit from it. Hence, all of my posts, except some little ones here and there (like this one), have something to offer the reader. Or, while much of what I’ve written may not be read in its entirety (people skip through things), it helped me share alittle bit of what is on my mind.

WordPress is kind enough to offer bloggers stats, especially particular ones, such as links clicked, site views, source of how you got here. It sounds creepy, but actually, I can’t see your IP address, so you’re safe.

Here’s a peek into my blog stats, if you’re interested:

Most popular posts

Currently: Sword Art Online – Dodge Ram Engine. 742 views. The latter three words I just randomly through out there for interest. XD

Was: That’s an interesting one to answer. When I first started my blog, the most popular one for the longest time was Philosophical Criticisms: Alex Rosenberg: Atheist Guide to Reality. 95 total views currently. Not my best attempt at expressing the philosophical faults in Alex Rosenberg’s arguments. Someone in the comments section was much more succinct than I was. XD

Despite that philosophy post being popular, the second most popular post, which has now surpassed it by a long shot is Nightmare and Serenity: Brief Analysis of Touhou. 195 current total views. Incidentally, it was the second post following the philosophy one.


  • The Last Exiles – or – Ignite the Gunpowder with Antifreeze Please came in at 94 views. It seems to be popular these past couple of months. It may have something to do with kids learning about it from peers at school.
  • Clojure in a Closure โ€“ A New IDE for yet another Scriptingย Language has 74 total views. There was alot of hype about this language since the news about Light Table, but slowly it’s been fading. I’m sure tons of geeks wanted to get there hands on the new IDE since “download” was in the keywords used that found my blog.
  • A Simple Analysis of Narcissu / Narcissu, now at 70 views, was one of my earliest posts and the best written up to that point. It was written shortly after completing the visual novel and its sequel. I haven’t played through them since then, but the memory of those touching stories has been etched in my mind.
  • Clannad – The Past Path – Review is at 54 total views. Last I checked, this was currently the only review of this indie visual novel on WordPress. Why? – It’s not widely known. The visual novel was made using Ren-Py and posted in the Ren-Py gallery – the only place to read about it other than the developer’s blogs.

Spurt in popularity:

On the rise:

  • Fractal Spotlight: JWildfire is at 28 views. Every week, a couple people or so trickle in and check out this fairly new article. The fractal program I speak about is really awesome, and while I was intending to promote the program with my post, I’m under the impression most people have probably heard about it before they read see my post.

Popular Tags

On this blog? “review”. That’s what people come to blogs for – reviews and pictures. They come for other things too, but it’s primarily those. I can, and do, write opinions on other things, but reviews are where most people read mine. Oh, yeah, stats:

I’m assuming these are tags on the sidebar that people have clicked on. Now, I’m not sure whether these are individual clicks or if clicking one automatically adds to the count of the others. Based on the numbers, I presume the latter.

  • review – 152
  • anime and games (anime, visual novels, etc.), anime, media, Japanese – 151
  • art – 149
  • commentary – 148
  • images, image – 145
  • DeviantArt – 142
  • pixiv – 138

Most Page Views

Best ever was 42, happening on Dec 4. Based on what I’ve said, take a guess at what they were mostly viewing.

Wrapping it up / What’s next

Seems my blog has been quite successful with respect to reviews. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to limit myself to them. Currently, I’m considering doing another blog, perhaps something cooperative. Ah, but this requires looking for someone else to blog with… and on what topic? Maybe that’s not such a good idea.


7 thoughts on “Milestone: Over 2000 – Blog Recap

  1. I think a cooperative blog is a good idea. Look at how much work it is maintaining a blog by yourself. Two or more people takes the load off. Plus you can write more articles and deliver more content than you can if you was the sole blogger

    1. Cooperative blogging sounds fun, although I don’t see it as much work maintaining a blog – unless you’re really trying to pump out articles. The problem there is in trying to find someone else to blog with you – and that, of course, comes after you pick what to blog about. That brings up the problem of incompatibility of interests. My friends and I don’t necessarily have the same interests, and that which I want to blog about they might not be so interested in. I could look for some internet stranger, but I can’t expect them to post content I’ll agree with. Plus, I imagine they expect me to put as much time into the blog as they do, and for a guy who doesn’t post much, that’s kind of a hard qualification to fulfill.

      I see you’re running a rather busy blog with contributors. Did you already have the blog running and ask for contributors or was this a from-scratch job?

      1. My blog started with 3 authors. Then the rest fell in love with the concept to want to contribute. I haven’t aggressively looked for new authors. But I will soon. I need to write more posts as a guide for future authors.

        Instead of starting a new blog, why don’t you just pull someone in for this one?

        I meant its hard maintaining a blog if you want to pump out articles continuously. I personally would 3 posts a day. That’s why I’m investing in finding more writers.

      2. Were those 3 authors personal friends or did you just find random people online?
        Guidelines is a good idea. ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure you’re specific though – you don’t want someone finding a loophole to go off the wall, unless you don’t mind that. X)

        I don’t invite anyone to join this blog because I’d like it to just be for my personal opinions. If someone else is writing, I have the extra work of seeing to it they aren’t just spouting nonsense. Although I do now have an idea for another blog. Hm… You’ve got me thinking, sir. ๐Ÿ™‚

        3 posts a day? Wow. Makes my blog feel laid back. Of course, I like the idea of being able to easily search my archives on a single page (have you seen my “Contents” page?). But hey, if you like seeing alot of content, go for it. I wish you luck in finding writers. ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. They were actual people I knew. I don’t care if they “find a loophole to go off the wall” as long as its stays with the concepts. Write whatever! Just keep the concept alive!

        I like making people think. I hope its a good idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’ll check your Content page out. Well the more you keep writing the more people will have to scroll down unless you limit the number of posts per page like me.

        Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. Well, with those kind of guidelines I’m sure people will be interested – liberty is an attractive thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

        ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s an idea – starting another blog (this one would be on a specific topic). Unfortunately, it’s time consuming to write or find people to write, as you well know, and currently it’s a bad time for me to start a new blog. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        True, it will get lengthy. For fun, maybe I’ll make it the longest page of links on WordPress. … Not likely, but who knows. XD

        You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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