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LundOnSound, a forthcoming music entity, is on the verge of releasing it’s first album. How do I know this? – I did their cover art (and I didn’t need Photoshop to do it). The image is hosted on DeviantArt:
(Yes, you’re free to download it.)

Keep up with LundOnSound on their facebook page.

Who are these people?

LundOnSound Productions itself is a music entity. It’s director is a very passionate musician known as “Lund”. He’s got an excellent ear and is very critical of his own work (in a good way). He’s a perfectionist. The only problem is that he’s slow at his work, which kinda slows production pace down. The longer he works on a song, the more beautiful it sounds, but we don’t have a million years for him to make a piece of gold out of music if you know what I mean. He’s a great guy to work with. He also thinks like a customer – he doesn’t want other people to squeeze a few extra pennies out of him so he certainly doesn’t want to do it to them. (I kinda wish his business manager would, but that’s why they make money.)

Music Commentary

There are 9 songs in total on the album, all of them being remakes of popular Christmas songs but with more than just their own twist: An eclectic orchestra of real instruments, synths, and vocals merge to create unique pieces of music. You’d expect rock by the title, but a better album name might be “Chocolate Assortment” – each of the songs has something to offer in its own right, and while you know its from the same artist, the songs don’t really mesh, but there’s something for everyone.

The first five songs are mostly soft, gentle pieces. It’s easy to hear the Aaron Copeland inspiration. Think Windham Hill but without the silly flute. These songs are very mom-ish, geared towards people looking to relax on a December evening. The best song from here is probably the second – a rendition of an old French Traditional.

The next four songs, which blend the least, move us from Russian to Manhattan Transfer (talk about a stretch). Finally, it’s summed up with some holiday rock (and my personal favorite of the album).

A note on Lund’s style: He tends to have things build up and then be suspended. Sometimes you don’t realize you’ve hit the climax of the song until everything ends. Not that the climb wasn’t enjoyable (unless you don’t like expecting a grand bang and nothing happening), but until the last song, it doesn’t have that punch that you’re expecting from the title. There’s also a touch of the eighties in a couple songs, which I think bleeds through from the drum beats. One song would definitely be suitable for bumper music on a radio show.

Where can I get this?

Hard-copy? – At the moment, only 100 CD copies are in production (I have no clue whether more will be made). But don’t worry…

The album is set to release on iTunes in a couple of weeks. I’ll try to remember to update this blog post with links to the page when I can get them.

It’s on iTunes now. I don’t have a direct link to open it in the iTunes program, but you can get to the songs from here:

Who should buy this?

Do you like Windham Hill, small choirs, and non-narcissistic lead vocalists? – Good. This album is for you.

Do you like unusual renditions of traditional Christmas music? – Good. This album is for you.

Do you like the sound of REAL instruments with a REAL sound complimented by synths (rather than the other way around)? Mannheim Steamroller is old. Time for something a little less programmed, don’t you think?

Too bad I can’t do high quality music, likeable or otherwise. Oh well – back to my midi programs.


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